Yamaha Keyboards

Check out our range of Yamaha Keyboards like the PSR Series and more. We stock entry-level beginner keyboards and professional-grade stage keyboards.

Yamaha Keyboards to suit beginners and professionals

The Yamaha PSR-F51 Home Keyboard is one of the most affordable keyboards in the Yamaha range - as well as being budget-friendly, it comes packed with a load of built-in learning features which is ideal for beginners. At the other end of the spectrum is the Yamaha Genos Digital Workstation, which is something of a new benchmark in keyboard technology. Boasting an immense amount of content and premium effects, this really is for musicians serious about their music.

Yamaha PRS Keyboards: Ideal for learners

As we've mentioned already, the PRS Series is perfect for new keyboard players and also make for great gifts. There's a good reason why they're used in schools, colleges and educational institutions for musicians across the world. The compact and portable nature of these instruments can be perfect for transporting to lessons and shows, but also the weighted keys offer the playability and feel of a real grand piano, a factor which can be important in the learning process.

Keyboards rich with effects and learning features

As we've touched upon already, no matter what your budget is, the Yamaha keyboard you purchase will have a great variety of effects and learning features. This will ultimately help you get the best out of your playing experience, whether you're leaning for the first time or require an instrument that can reach the demands of a complex live set. Some perks include UBS Audio Recorders, Quick Sampling Functions, a multitude of instrument styles, lesson functions and many more.

Yamaha Keyboards: A brand you can trust

As a company that started life as a piano manufacturer, Yamaha has been making keyboards for decades and are a brand that's been seen on some of the world's biggest stages. Known for their dominance and quality, your purchase will be an investment that will last well into your playing years.

Why buy Yamaha Keyboards with us

As an authorised Yamaha dealer - you'll find all of your answers here at PMT. We've got experts on hand to discuss these keyboards in more depth. Our many stores have active demonstration areas so you can try out the instruments mentioned above. We also carry lots more Yamaha products across speakers, amps, drums and guitars which can be further explored at PMT online.


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  • Which Yamaha keyboards have weighted keys?

    According to Yamaha, the ARIUS digital pianos all have weighted keys. The entire premium Clavinova digital piano line provides fully-authentic touch also, as do CP Stage Piano models. For details on portable keyboards check the individual product specs.
  • Are Yamaha keyboards good?

    Yamaha keyboards are reliable, high-quality, and relied on by professional musicians around the world. Whether you need a synthesizer or a digital piano, the Yamaha name ensures first-rate performance.
  • Where are Yamaha keyboards made?

    Yamaha keyboards are manufactured in various locations. Check the individual product specs for further information.
  • Which Yamaha keyboards have MIDI?

    Not all Yamaha keyboards are MIDI compatible. Check the individual product specs or speak to one of our Experts for more details on MIDI I/O and compatibility before you order yours!