Yamaha Genos Digital Workstation Flagship Model
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Yamaha Genos Digital Workstation Keyboard

by Yamaha
Yamaha Genos Digital Workstation Keyboard - Yamaha's New Benchmark in Digital Workstation Technology is finally here! As a discerning music ..

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Yamaha Genos Digital Workstation Keyboard - Yamaha's New Benchmark in Digital Workstation Technology is finally here!

As a discerning music producer in the ever-evolving world of music production, you will want to make sure that you have the latest tools of the trade at your disposal. Whether in the recording studio, or even live on stage, you will want to use a workstation that makes the most of these tools, something that both inspires and intensify's your musical creation and performance.

Take Control of Your Music!

Introducing the Genos - Yamaha's newest benchmark in Digital Workstation sound, design and experience!

The Yamaha Genos is powered by the latest in specially developed Yamaha technology - every voice, sound, effect, or song preset in the Genos is beyond any Digital Workstation you've previously experienced!

AEM - Articulation Element Modeling

The incredible sound quality on the Yamaha Genos is due largely to the AEM technology it utilises. AEM actively accurately simulates every characteristic of the instrument type you've chosen, in real time, based on exactly what and how you play(!). Each and every sound sample is smoothly joined and articulated, exactly as it would naturally occur on an actual acoustic instrument.


Similar to the AEM technology used on the acoustic instrument samples, when it comes to drums/SFX, you have Revo!Drum! These voices are so accurate that you can hit the same key multiple times and each hit will produce different nuances in the sound, akin to how a real drum would sound when hit. Incredible!


The sheer volume of content on the Yamaha Genos is mindblowing. You get a diverse range to get you started - 1,710 instrument sounds, 550 backing patterns, 216 arpeggios, and more. The content alone would be enough to inspire your creativity from the moment you start playing it.

High Quality Effects

Whether your effect of choice is Reverb, Distortion, Phase, Compression, or even just pin-point EQ adjustments, the Yamaha Genos can deliver - the inbuilt unprecedented DSP power is second to none. The Genos utilises exactly the same VCM technology as Yamaha's high-end, professional-grade mixing consoles, and features all of the tools you'll need to create the perfect sound.

In addition to the standard DSP effects, the Genos also features a powerful range of Vocal Harmony and Synth Vocoder effects, allowing you to craft the unique characteristics of your own voice onto synths and other sounds.

The Ultimate in Professional Digital Workstation Technology

With all of these features and many more besides, it's understandable why the Genos has been creating such a stir since it's first public appearance. Pretty soon it will be the "Must-Have" workstation keyboard for professional producers and performers alike, so don't delay and order yours from us today.


  • The best sound quality ever on a digital workstation
  • An incredible amount of built-in content
  • On-board effects with unprecedented DSP power
  • Vocal Harmony & Synth Vocoder
  • Create and install your own custom or purchased content packs
  • Intuitive and fast control
  • Accompaniment style engine
  • Registration memory to saving all panel settings to a preset memory button
  • MIDI/Audio recording function
  • Pre-programmmed arpeggios
  • High-quality keyboard action
  • Powerful Style Engine function
  • Audio link multipads
  • High-quality output

Technical Specifications


  • Number of Keys: 76
  • Type: Organ (FSX), Initial Touch/Aftertouch
  • Touch Response: Normal, Easy1, Easy2, Soft1, Soft2, Hard1, Hard2

Other Controllers

  • Joystick: Yes
  • Control Knobs: 6 Live Control Knobs (Assignable)
  • Sliders: 9 Live Control Sliders (Assignable), Cross Fader
  • Art. Switches: 3


  • Type: Main Display - TFT Colour Wide VGA LCD; Sub Display - OLED (Live Control View)
  • Size: Main Display - 800 x 480 dots (9 inch); Sub Display - 589 x 48 dots
  • Touch Screen: Main Display - Yes
  • Language: Main Display - English, German, French, Spanish, Italian; Sub Display - English


  • Language: English


  • Tone Generation Technology: AQM Stereo Sampling, AEM Technology
  • Number of Polyphony: 256 Max (128 for Preset Voice, 128 for Expansion Voice)
  • Number of Preset Voices: 1,652 Voices + 58 Drum/SFX Kits
  • Featured Voices: 10 Revo! Drums/SFX, 76 Ensemble, 390 Super Articulation!, 75 Super Articulation2!, 82 MegaVoice, 40 Sweet!, 81 Cool!, 160 Live!, 24 Organ Flutes!
  • XG Compatibility: Yes (for Song Playback)
  • GS Compatibility: Yes (for Song Playback)
  • GM Compatibility: Yes
  • GM2 Compatibility: Yes


  • Reverb: 59 Preset + 3 User
  • Chorus: 107 Preset + 3 User
  • DSP: Variation - 358 Preset (with VCM) + 3 User; Insertion 1-28 - 358 Preset (with VCM) + 10 User
  • Master Compressor: 5 Preset + 5 User
  • Master EQ: 5 Preest + 2 User
  • Part EQ: 28 Parts
  • Vocal Harmon Presets: 54 Vocal; 20 Synth Vocoder
  • Number of User Settings: 60
  • Vocal Effects: Mic Effect - Noise Gate, Compressor, 3-band EQ; Vocal Effects - 23


  • Number of Preset Styles: 550
  • Featured Styles: 491 Pro, 39 Session, 10 Free play, 10 DJ
  • Fingering: Single Finger, Fingered, Fingered on Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard
  • Style Control: INTRO x 3, MAIN VARIATION x 4, FILL x 4, BREAK, ENDING x 3
  • One Touch Setting: 4 for each style

Multi Pads

  • Multi Pad Banks: 448 Banks x 4 Pads


  • Number of Preset Songs: 9 Demo Songs, 11 Preset Songs
  • Number of Recording Tracks: 16
  • Recording Function: Quick Recording, Multi Track Recording, Step Recording
  • Preset Songs: 9 Demo Songs, 11 Preset Songs
  • Number of Recording Tracks: 16
  • Recording Functions: Quick Recording, Multi Track Recording, Step Recording
  • Compatible Playback Format: SMF (Format 0, Format 1), XF
  • Compatible Recording Format: SMF (Format 0), approx 300 KB per Song


  • Audio Recorder/Player Playback: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo), MP3 (44.1 kHz, 64/96/128/256/320 kbps, stereo)
  • Audio Recorder/Player Recording: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo), approx. 0.8 GB (80 minutes) per song
  • Audio Recorder/Player Features: Time Stretch, Pitch Shift, Vocal Cancel
  • Voices: Harmony/Echo, Arpeggio, Panel Sustain, Mono/Poly
  • Styles: Style Creator, OTS Information
  • Multi Pads: Multi Pad Creator
  • Registration Buttons: 10
  • Registration Controls: Registration Sequence, Freeze
  • Playlist Records: 2,500 Maximum records per Playlist file
  • Songs Functions: Score Display, Lyrics Display
  • Overall Controls: Metronome, Tap Tempo, Transposition, Tuning, Octave Button, 9 Scale Types
  • Misc: Direct Access, Text Display Function, Wallpaper Customisation

Storage & Connectivity

  • Internal Memory Storage: Approx 58 GB
  • Other Storage: External USB Flash Drive functionality
  • Headphones: Standard Stereo Phone Jack
  • Foot Pedal: 1 (Sustain), 2 (Art.1), 3 (Volume), functional assignable
  • Microphone: Combo jack, with +48V phantom power available
  • MIDI: MIDI A (In/Out), MIDI B (In/Out)
  • AUX In: L/L+R, R
  • Digital Out: Coaxial
  • Line Out: Main (L/L+R, R), SUB (1,2), SUB (3, 4 / AUX OUT)
  • USB To Device: 3 sockets
  • USB to Host: Yes


Weight (kg)19.3000
Effectsreverb, chorus, dsp, master compressor, eq, vocal harmony, synth vocoder, mic effects, noise gate
Warranty2 years
Number of Keys76 keys

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