Yamaha PSR-SX900 Arranger Workstation Keyboard
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Yamaha PSR-SX900 Arranger Workstation Keyboard

by Yamaha
The Yamaha PSR-SX900 is an arranger workstation keyboard that truly delivers professional level performance. The Flagship PSR-SX As the flag..

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The Yamaha PSR-SX900 is an arranger workstation keyboard that truly delivers professional level performance.

The Flagship PSR-SX

As the flagship model in Yamaha's fantastic PSR-SX range, the PSR-SX900 gives you the best the Yamaha PSR-SX arranger workstations have to offer.

This includes a massive collection of voices, an even bigger range of styles, 23 vocal effects and much more.

Yamaha PSR-SX900 Arranger Workstation Keyboard Key Features:

  • 1337 Voices, including 252 Super Articulation Voices, 24 Organ Flutes! Voices. 56 Drum/SFX kits
  • 525 Styles, including 463 Pro Styles, 46 Session Styles, 10 DJ Styles and 6 Freeplay Styles
  • Pre-installed Expansion content
  • Real Distortion and Real Reverb, with an intuitive effects interface
  • 1GB on-board memory for expansion data
  • 4GB internal memory
  • MIDI song file capacity : 3MB per file
  • Joystick, FSB keyboard, Sub output, and Expansive Soundfield Speakers for powerful live performance
  • Intuitive and fast control with 7" colour touch screen and Assignable function
  • Chord Looper function
  • Mic/Guitar input for use when singing or collaborating with other performers
  • Playlist and Registration for quick and easy set up
  • Vocal Harmony and Synth Vocoder functions
  • Audio Recording (WAV/MP3)
  • Voice and Style expandability with the Yamaha Expansion Manager
  • 2 USB TO DEVICE terminals
  • External display capability
  • Bluetooth Audio

Re-Imagined User Interface

With its newly re-imagined interface it's quick and easy to get great control over the functions you want with Yamaha PSR-SX900. features a newly re-imagined user interface for intuitive, streamlined performance.

Featuring a 7" touch display, you have intuitive, streamlined access to the PSR-SX900's powerful features.

Furthermore, setting up your Styles and creating or organising playlists couldn't be easier.

There's also an Assignable Function which you can use to customise your PSR-SX900 experience.

Using the Chord Looper, you can record a chord sequence and play it back so your left hand is free to play how you want. This is a great method for adding extra layers to your performance.

Plus, since the chords play back in a loop, you don't have to repeat the chord pattern manually - just keep on playing.

Great Sound

Fitted with Expansive Soundfield Speakers, the Yamaha PSR-SX900 gives you beautifully full and balanced sound. Using a polypropylene diaphragm, these speakers deliver crisp, high-quality tone with incredible response.

In addition, you have four sub line-out connections for even greater control over your sound. You can route the bass through a separate subwoofer for more defined bottom end or even send parts and drum instruments to an external console.

With a massive collection of 1337 different voices, the Yamaha PSR-SX900 has all the sounds you need to perform and sound great in any genre.

New additions to this amazing collection include drum sounds taken from the Yamaha Genos' Remo! Drums sound set for amazingly realistic drum sounds.

Consisting of 252 Super Articulation Voices, 24 Organ Flutes! voices, 56 drum/sfx kits and many, many more - you really have something for every occasion.

What's Your Style?

The Yamaha PSR-SX900 comes pre-loaded with 525 different "Styles"; backing tracks and rhythms that cover all manner of genres.

From jazz to pop and even DJ performances, there are more than enough Styles to cover any and every musical scenario you could find yourself in.

You can even recreate the sound of a full band or orchestra to really add grandiose atmosphere and dimension to your performance.

In addition to these, you also have four Multi Pads with 329 banks to perform with.

You can use these to play short, pre-recorded rhythmic and melodic sequences and loops. This is a great way to add variety to your performance or some extra impact for key moments.

Furthermore, the Multi Pads can work with either MIDI data or audio files allowing you to create unique pad content with WAV files.

You're In Control

In addition to the 7" touchscreen displa and Multi Pads, you have a number of great ways to control your performance.

This includes a joystick offering intuitive control over pitch and modulation; ideal for adding extra life to your performance in the studio or on the stage.

The Yamaha PSR-SX900 has also been equipped with a new FSB keyboard, which offers incredible playability because of its heavier initial key resistance and greater key travel.

The keyboard's refined structure and adjusted fulcrum provide you with a comfortable playing experience while upgraded components minimise horizontal key movement.

Switching up your vocal performance is easy to thanks to the Yamaha PSR-SX900's built in Vocal Harmony effects and Synth Vocoder.

With the Vocal Harmony feature you can add also sorts of fantastic effects to your vocals to really open up the musical possibilities.

Activate the Synth Vocoder to get some fantastic robotic vocal effects akin to Daft Punk. Sing into the microphone and the sounds will be affected what you play on the keyboard.

Performance and Production Powerhouse

The flagship model of the PSR-SX Series, the Yamaha PSR-SX900 delivers incredible peformance and song-writing/recording capabilities making it the ideal keyboard for stage and studio.

Buy the Yamaha PSR-SX900 at PMT Online now for an incredibly versatile, feature-packed arranger workstation keyboard that gives you an amazing array of tools for performance and production.

Yamaha PSR-SX900 Arranger Workstation Keyboard Specs:

Size and Weight

  • Width: 1017mm (40")
  • Height: 139mm (5.5")
  • Depth: 431mm (17")
  • Weight: 11.5kg (25.35 lb)

Control Interface

  • Keyboard Number of Keys: 61
  • Keyboard Type: Organ (FSB), Initial Touch
  • Keyboard Touch Response: Normal, Soft 1, Soft 2, Hard 1, Hard 2
  • Joystick: Yes
  • Control Knobs: 2 (Assignable)


  • Display Type: TFT Colour Wide VGA LCD
  • Display Size: 800 x 480 Dots (7 Inch)
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Colour: Colour
  • Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian


  • Tone Generation Technology: AWM Stereo Sampling
  • Number of Polyphony (Max.): 128
  • Preset Number of Voices: 1337 Voices + 56 Drum/SFX Kits
  • Preset Featured Voices: 252 S.Art!, 54 Mega Voice, 31 Sweet! Voices, 87 Cool! Voices, 131 Live! Voices, 24 Organ Flutes!


  • XG: Yes (for Song Playback)
  • GS: Yes (for Song Playback)
  • GM: Yes
  • GM2: Yes


  • Expansion Voice: Yes (approx. 1 GB)
  • Editing: Voice Set
  • Part: Right 1, Right 2, Right 3, Left


  • Reverb: 59 Presets + 30 User
  • Chorus: 106 Presets + 30 User
  • DSP: 322 Presets (with VCM) + 30 User
  • Insertion Effect: 1-8: 322 Presets (with VCM) + 30 User
  • Master Compressor: 5 Presets + 30 User
  • Master EQ: 5 Presets + 30 User
  • Part EQ: 28 Parts
  • Others: Mic/Guitar Effects - Noise Gate, Compressor, 3Band EQ, Vocal Effects x 23
  • Apreggio: Yes

Vocal Harmony

  • Number of Presets: Vocal Harmony - 54, Synth Vocoder - 20
  • Number of User Settings: 60 (the number is the total of Vocal Harmony and Synth Vocoder)

Accompaniment Styles (Preset)

  • Number of Preset Styles: 525
  • Featured Styles: 436 Pro Styles, 46 Session Styles, 10 DJ Styles, 6 Free Play
  • Fingering: Single Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard
  • Style Control: Intro x 3, Main Variation x 4, Fill x 4, Break, Ending x 3

Accompaniment Styles (Other Features)

  • One Touch Setting (OTS): 4 for each Style
  • Chord Looper: Yes
  • Style Section Reset: Yes
  • Expansion Style: Yes (Internal Memory)
  • Expansion Audio Style: Yes (Internal Memory)
  • Compatibility: Style File Format, Style File Format GE


  • Number of Preset Songs: 5 Sample Songs

Songs (Recording)

  • Number of Songs: Unlimited (depends on the drive capacity)
  • Number of Tracks: 16
  • Data Capacity: Approx. 3MB/Song
  • Recording Function: Quick Recording, Multi Recording, Step Recording
  • Compatible Data Format (Playback): SMF (Format 0 & 1), XF
  • Compatible Data Format (Recording): SMF (Format 0)

Multi Pads

  • Preset Number of Multi Pad Banks: 329 Banks x 4 Pads
  • Audio Link: Yes

Storage and Connectivity

  • Internal Memory: Yes (approx. 4 GB)
  • External Drives: USB Flash Memory (via USB to DEVICE)
  • Headphones: Yes
  • Foot Pedal: 1 (Sustain), 2 (Articulation), Function Assignable
  • Microphone: Microphone/Guitar x 1
  • AUX IN: Stereo Mini Jack
  • USB TO DEVICE: Yes (x2)
  • USB TO HOST: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes

Amplifiers and Speakers

  • Amplifiers: (15 W + 10 W) x 2
  • Speakers: 13cm x 2 + 2.5cm (DOME) x 2

Power Supply

  • Power Supply: PA-300C or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha
  • Power Consumption: 24 W
  • Auto Power Off Function: Yes

Included Accessories

  • Owner's Manual
  • Online Member Product Registration
  • Music Rest
  • AC Adaptor


Weight (kg)10.0000
Number of Keys61 keys
Power(15 w + 10 w) x 2

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