Fender Mustang GT-200 Combo Amplifier
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Fender Mustang GT 200 Combo Amplifier

by Fender
How exactly do you improve upon a modern legend? That's just what Fender decided to do with the Mustang GT amplifier range, and the result i..

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How exactly do you improve upon a modern legend? That's just what Fender decided to do with the Mustang GT amplifier range, and the result is exquisite: enter the Fender Mustang GT 200.

World’s First Wi-Fi Equipped Guitar Amplifier

The Fender Mustang GT 200 is the flagship model of the new Mustang GT Series. Delivering 200 watts of power through two Custom Celestion speakers, the Fender Mustang GT 200 was designed to deliver big tone, and is therefore perfect for the big stage. The Mustang GT-200 also comes packaged with a four-button footswitch, making it stage-ready straight out of the box.

Modern Innovation – Guitar Amp with WiFi

Fender have put over seven decades experience of creating incredible products for the music industry into the new Mustang designs. This includes the addition of new and improved amp and effects models, in addition to making the amp more user-friendly without compromising on power.

With the Mustang GT series, Fender have created the world’s first WiFi-equipped guitar amplifier. This amazing feature allows the downloading of updates and Fender artist-created presets as well as connect to the online community with like-minded musicians.

21 Classic Amp Models, 47 Effects

The Fender Mustang GT 200 brings you 21 different, classic amp models all rolled into one. In addition to this there's 47 different high-quality, built-in effects, allowing you to recreate the classic tones you know and love, or even create unique sounds to forge your own sonic identity.

In combining new algorithms with incredible sound fidelity, the Fender Mustang GT 200 is able to realistically replicate the response and performance of a wide range of great amps. These selections range from the famous ’59 Bassman to modern metal amps and beyond!

Additionally, increased signal path flexibility allows you to move effects anywhere in the signal chain. Because of this the world is your oyster, as the GT 200 opens up a whole world of sonic creativity and potential for you.

High Quality Audio and Construction

The Fender Mustang GT-200 delivers 200 watts of power through a pair of 12” Custom Celestion speakers delivering incredible sound.  Crystal clear, high quality audio allows you and your audience to enjoy every nuance of your playing.

Utilising a special plywood cabinet that has been designed to enhance tone, the GT-200 is also surprisingly lightweight and durable.

Bluetooth compatibility means that you can even stream audio from your device making it great for playing tracks between sets. It's also great for just enjoying some of your favourite tracks with a great, high quality output.

Fender Tone App Compatible

Coupling the Fender Tone App with the Mustang GT-200’s wifi compatibility gives you a whole lot of power at your fingertips. With a swipe of the finger you can add power, switch up presets and more – all in real time!

Connecting to the Fender Digital ecosystem gives you access to a whole host of learning and sharing capabilities.

On the GT-200 amp itself you have a large, full-colour LCD display that makes programming your settings easy.

V2.0 Firmware Update

As if the Fender Mustang GT amps weren't already good enough, Fender have now rolled out a brand new V2.0 firmware upgrade for you. There are two different ways of installing this firmware, and they are as follows:

  • V2.0 Firmware with V2.0 Presets - simply connect your amplifier to a WiFi network and switch it off. Next, press and hold both the Encoder and the top Layer button whilst switching the amp on, and keep them held for five seconds
  • V2.0 Firmware without the V2.0 Presets - as above, you need to connect your amplifier to a WiFi network and switch off. This time only hold the Encoder button down whilst switching the amp on though

This firmware upgrade is compatible with all amplifiers in the current Fender Mustang GT range.

Additional Features

Adding extra bang for your buck, the Fender Mustang GT-200 has some great additional features.

First, you’ll find an extremely useful digital chromatic tuner so you can make sure you’re perfectly in tune. This is very convenient in the studio or a gig situation.

You’ll also find a USB output for recording, allowing you to plug directly into your computer and favoured recording software, then record directly from the amp. There's also Stereo XLR line outputs and a stereo effects loop to increase your options even further.

In addition to the Bluetooth audio streaming, there is a 3.5mm AUX input. This allows you to play music from other devices and enjoy the great quality audio of the Fender Mustang GT-200.

Packaged with the GT-200 is the MGT-4 footswitch – a four button footswitch for switching your presets and FX on the fly. The footswitch is housed in a rugged enclosure, making it perfect for the stage.

An Amp for All Uses

Designed to be used in the studio or on stage, the Mustang GT-200 digital amplifier is the go-to guitar combo amp for any application.

This amplifier is very easy to get to grips with - it's perfect for beginners but has enough options and power to serve even the most veteran of guitarists.

Fender Mustang GT-200 Specs:

  • Series: Mustang
  • Amplifier Type: Digital
  • Height: 20.9” (53.08 cm)
  • Width: 25.5” (64.77 cm)
  • Depth: 10” (25.4 cm)
  • Weight: 34 lbs. (15.7 kg)
  • Speaker: Two - Custom Celestion
  • Inputs: One - 1/4”
  • Channels: One
  • Controls: Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Master, Encoder,
  • Three Layer Buttons, FX Button, Save Button, Menu Button, Tap Button
  • Effects: 21 Amp Models, 47 Effects
  • Wattage: 200 Watts (2 x 100 in Stereo)
  • Cabinet Material: 5-Ply 5/8” Lightweight Plywood
  • Covering: Black Textured Vinyl
  • Grille Cloth: Black
  • Handle: Soft-Touch Flip Handle
  • Knobs: Black Plastic
  • Includes: 4-Button MGT-4 Footswitch for Preset/FX Switching and Looper
  • Other Features: USB Recording Output, 3.5mm AUX input, 3.5mm Headphone Output, Digital Chromatic Tuner, Bluetooth Audio Streaming Easy WIFI Firmware and Feature Updates


Packed Weight (kg)17.7600
Seriesmustang series
Woofer Size2 x 12" woofer
Amp Typemodelling / digital amplifier

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