The Best Gifts for Music Producers and DJs this Christmas 2023

Find the perfect gift for the music-maker in your life with the best gifts for producers and DJs this Christmas 2023

Buying gifts for musicians can be hard - most of us are pretty particular about the type of gear that we like, and those who are just getting started with learning to produce music might not know exactly what they need to get going.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for DJs and Music Producers that includes a range of essentials and things that they’ll be sure to appreciate.

Check out this video and then keep reading to see how we’re helping you choose your gifts wisely this Christmas..

Studio Bundles

If you want to help out a complete beginner with recording music, then look no further than our Studio Bundles.

These packages combine a range of things you need to get started, with Interfaces, Monitors, and Cables all included depending on what sort of bundle you need. 

The Trumix Beginner Bundle (pictured) is a wonderful option for those getting started with the essentials!

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Studio Monitors

Studio Monitors are an essential part of any home recording setup. They allow you to accurately hear the music you are making with a flat frequency response and optimum clarity. Whether you're buying for someone who is building their very first recording set-up or you know someone who needs to upgrade, we have an awesome range at PMT.

We stock a range of iconic brands such as KRK and Yamaha, but our current favourites are from Trumix (pictured). They’re the best studio monitors for beginner producers and those that want the best value home recording studio.

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Lacking the space to record music, or don’t have the budget to splash out on gifting studio monitors?

Studio Headphones are perfect for recording in a small home studio. They're also great for taking out on location, or for recording layers of music and monitoring whilst using microphones.

Many esteemed producers check their mixes on Studio Headphones, so music-makers of all levels will find a use for a high-quality pair.

We also stock Headphones designed especially for use by DJs. These headphones have some features that DJs will appreciate, such as pivoting cups that can be handy when cueing songs.

Our range of quality products at PMT will inspire musicians, producers, and DJs to start creating and take their art to the next level.

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Audio Interfaces

Audio Interfaces are one of the main building blocks you need when creating your first ever home studio. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking for an upgrade, we have a stunning range at PMT.

Producers who like to take a recording rig out on location with them will also appreciate a handy extra interface for documenting the sounds they encounter out in the wild - perfect for capturing highly-detailed sounds as soon as inspiration strikes, or working in atypical environments.

We stock a range of iconic brands such as PreSonus and Focusrite at PMT, so you can give the budding producer in your life an Audio Interface and know it’s of the highest quality.

Our top pick is the TM-12 by Trumix - it offers uncompromising performance and portability on a budget, so it's great value for producers of all levels.

Laptop Stands

DJ's and producers are often working from a laptop, and one of the most handy gifts you can get for them is a Laptop Stand.

Laptop Stands are a great functional gift because they can be incorporated seamlessly into a live or studio set-up. DJs playing live sets will appreciate the portable, hard-wearing nature of a quality stand, whilst studio producers will love the professional look it adds to their workspace.

Each of the 3 our Experts have picked above are from trustworthy brands who are renowned for quality products, so they'd be a fantastic gift for any DJ or Producer in your life.


Synthesizers are one of the most fun ways to get started with producing electronic music - or for incorporating electronics into other genres. At PMT we have a range of models that are great for beginners, as well as the best high-end luxury synths that would appeal to a true aficionado.

Synths make all sorts of noises in a variety of different ways, but they'll always be appreciated by producers due to the possibilities they open up when creating music.

We especially love both the Korg Volca range and the AIRA Compact range by Roland - both are budget-friendly and are great stocking fillers, but they’re also packed with features and designed by iconic brands who really know their stuff.

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MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

Want to help someone get started making music with their computer?

MIDI Keyboards and Controllers allow you to do just that. Most producers will have a MIDI Controller of some description, as they really are an indispensable tool for those who are serious about making music.

These handy devices let musicians control software synths and drum machines, giving them total control over different parameters and making productions cleaner and more expressive. Whether it’s a simple beginner controller or a fully-featured keyboard, there’s something for everyone in our range.

No matter what stage the producer in your life is at, a new MIDI Controller can help to optimise their setup - our range includes some of the most popular and trusted brands on the market including Korg, Novation, Roland & Yamaha.

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If you’re shopping for a producer who prefers to record guitars and samples instead of creating sounds with synths, then a new microphone might be the best gift option.

Microphones come in all shapes and sizes, and the best studios in the world have hundreds upon hundreds of them in order to find the perfect sounds for the music they make.

At PMT we stock a range of Microphones that are designed to give bedroom-producers as many options as possible, with budget USB mics and studio-grade condensers all part of our collection.

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Ableton Controllers

More and more producers are relying on Ableton nowadays, and there are a number of awesome controllers you can use with the software.

In addition to the brilliant Ableton Push controller, we love the Novation Launchpad range (pictured) which allows you to pick from Mini, X, or Pro depending on your needs.

DJ Controllers

The use of USB Controllers is rapidly becoming more and more popular with DJs, and they’re a great gift idea for those who are just starting out.

Using a good-quality DJ Controller means you’re able to take a more precise handle on the tracks that you spin, often incorporating awesome effects such as vinyl emulation and pitch control as well as the usual EQ and filtering you’d expect.

A Controller is one of the most accessible ways into getting started with DJing, but we also stock models that will be appreciated by those who have more experience.

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Gift Cards

Still can’t decide what to buy for the budding music-maker or DJ in your life? Our Gift Vouchers make for awesome stocking fillers, and they can be used to put towards something truly special from PMT.

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