Trumix Audio is the ideal solution for beginner music makers, podcasters, and broadcasters. With a range of affordable and easy-to-use products, including headphones, audio interfaces, and monitors, Trumix delivers innovative audio solutions for all levels. The brand offers the perfect balance of technology, affordability, and ease of use, making it accessible to a wider range of users.


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Trumix has been designed in collaboration with trusted audio manufacturers, ensuring quality and reliability in each product. With a 2-year warranty as standard, Trumix is the affordable and reliable choice for anyone looking to take their audio production to the next level.


  • Is Trumix a good brand?

    Trumix is a great brand for aspiring studio artists and audio engineers looking to set up their first home studio. Their products are budget friendly, but still provide excellent audio quality.
  • Where can I buy Trumix products from?

    At the moment Trumix products are available exclusively at PMT, both online and in-store
  • Is Trumix suitable for beginners?

    Trumix is a solid entry-point for those just getting started with audio recording. They combine intuitive controls with a solid build and high-quality components that musicians and producers of all levels will appreciate.