Epiphone Inspired by Gibson 1963 Firebirds

Explore the dynamic collaboration between Epiphone and the renowned Gibson Custom Shop, culminating in the exquisite Inspired by Gibson Custom 1963 Firebird I and Firebird V models. Meticulously crafted, these guitars pay homage to the iconic designs by the legendary automotive visionary, Ray Dietrich.


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Debuting in 1963, the Firebird marked Gibson's pioneering venture into neck-through-body construction, setting a new standard in guitar craftsmanship.

These faithful replicas resonate with the spirit of their predecessors, embodying a legacy embraced by a diverse array of musical luminaries. From the blues virtuoso Johnny Winter to the trailblazing duo of Keith Richards and Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones, and the transcendent talents of Eric Clapton and Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music, the Firebird I has left an indelible mark across genres and generations.

Discover the timeless allure and unparalleled performance of the Inspired by Gibson Custom 1963 Firebird I and Firebird V - true testaments to innovation, and enduring musical legacy.