Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone guitars are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, rich tone, and affordability. As a sister brand of Gibson, Epiphone offers a wide range of electric and acoustic guitars suitable for players of all levels.

With models inspired by iconic Gibson designs, Epiphone guitars deliver that classic Gibson sound and feel at a more accessible price point.


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Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, Epiphone has something to offer, from their popular Les Paul and SG models to their versatile acoustic-electric guitars.

Each instrument is meticulously crafted with quality materials and features, ensuring reliable performance and lasting durability.

Explore the extensive selection of Epiphone guitars and discover the perfect instrument to inspire your musical journey.


  • Are Epiphone guitars any good?

    Epiphone produces great quality guitars for a relatively low cost, giving you inexpensive but high quality alternatives to Gibson classics.
  • Who makes Epiphone guitars?

    Despite making their own brand of guitars since 1873, Epiphone was bought by Gibson in 1957, who continue to manufacture the brand to this day.
  • Can Epiphone sound like Gibson?

    When an Epiphone is properly set-up then there’s no reason they can’t sound just as good as a Gibson. Many professionals use Epiphone models.
  • Can an Epiphone be as good as a Gibson?

    Yes! Many Epiphone models are very much on par with Gibson, using premium parts and construction methods to create a pro-grade instrument.
  • Are Epiphone guitars good for Beginners?

    Epiphone makes many instruments that are perfectly suited for beginners. There are many guitars that have easy-to-play necks for learning, and models such as the Power Players are smaller-sized for kids and those with small hands.
  • What Epiphone guitars did The Beatles use?

    The Beatles are most renowned for using Epiphone Casino models.
  • Do professionals use Epiphone?

    Yes, many professionals use Epiphone guitars and have done throughout history. The Beatles famously used Epiphone Casinos, and more modern artists such as Nick Valensi, Chino Moreno, and Ezra Koenig have opted for Epiphone.