Fender Telecasters

The Fender Telecaster is the world's oldest solid-body electric guitar and made its debut in 1951, changing the guitar world forever.

The Telecaster has stood the test of time amongst the most iconic electric guitar designs in history. The biting, twanging tone, robust durability and modular construction quickly made the Telecaster the choice of forward-thinking musicians.

This beautifully crafted guitar is often recognised as the true workhorse of the guitar world thanks to its no-nonsense construction and easy playability.


The Fender Telecaster was developed by Leo Fender and went on to become the first commercially successful guitar - probably due to the awesome sound from the two single-coil style pickups, great feel from the contoured body and easy sound sculpting thanks to no-fuss Volume and Tone controls and a 3-way pickup selector.

The bright but very rich sound of the Fender Telecaster has appeared on records for decades, appeared on stages all over the world and has been relied upon by beginner and professional guitarists everywhere.


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The Fender Player series replaces the Made In Mexico line of Fender guitars and features all-new Player Series pickups in a variety of different combinations. We love these guitars as they feature modern appointments whilst still retaining that classic feel and tone we’ve come to love from Fender guitars. Things like the “Modern C” shape neck, beautiful tonewoods and hand-shaped bodies make these a perfect option for players who want authentic Fender Telecaster tone on a budget.

View the full range of Fender Player Series Guitars here.


The new Fender American Ultra Series offers players more control over their sound thanks to some key improvements.

Designed for the performing artists out there, the American Ultra Telecasters feature Ultra Noiseless pickups and an S-1, which combine to offer that beautiful crisp, clear tone of a Tele whilst maintaining noise-free, vintage-style output, and a little extra spiciness for when it's needed.

In addition to this, a new contoured neck heel allows for further play up the neck which has been sculpted to a Modern “D” shaped profile and an exposed truss rod adjustment wheel allows us to make changes whenever we need to.

View the full range of American Ultra Guitars here.


The innovative American Acoustasonic telecaster completely changes the game when it comes to Telecaster guitars. This really interesting acoustic-electric guitar features an all-new Acoustic Engine that delivers ten different body styles and tonewood combinations when you’re plugged into an amp.

You also have three different pickup systems to sculpt your sound: Fishman Under-Saddle Transducer; Fishman Acoustasonic Enhancer and a Fender Acoustasonic Noiseless magnetic pickup. This is a versatile, very comfortable guitar to play and we highly recommend them.

View the full American Acoustasonic range here.


The Fender American Performer series improve on a classic guitar by offering tonal improvements thanks to the new Yosemite pickups and an all-new Greasebucket tone system. The comfortable “Modern C” shaped neck ensure you really enjoy playing whilst jumbo frets and classic gear tuning machines all add to the playability and reliability.

View the full Fender American Performer range here.


The range of American professional telecaster guitars includes a selection of new features that fans of the Tele will love. New Tim-Shaw designed V-Mod Telecaster pickups have been installed which work beautifully alongside the new Treble Bleed circuit which maintains the high end when you turn the volume down. Narrow tall frets make solos and chords easier while a “Deep C” neck profile is comfortable to play.

View the full American Professional II range here.


The Fender Custom Shop guitars are the pinnacle of Fender design. These guitars offer period-correct parts to allow you to achieve the same tone and feel as guitars of the past. You can choose from a range of Fender Custom Shop telecasters available at PMT now, or speak to us about designing your very own Custom Shop Tele where you can make create your very own custom guitar based on your needs.

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  • What is that Tele Twang?

    The famous Tele Twang refers to that typical Telecaster Country tone, which is a result of ingenius pickup design combined with a solid wood body.
  • When was the Telecaster invented?

    Leo Fender first introduced the Telecaster to the world in 1951, and as it was the first commercially-available solid-body electric guitar it revolutionised the way that the instrument was played.
  • Who plays a Fender Telecaster?

    The list of notable Telecaster players over the decades is truly expansive, but amongst the most famous names you will find: Jimmy Page, Brad Paisley, Jim Root, and even The Boss himself: Bruce Springsteen.