Fender Player Series

The Fender Player Series is a range of electric guitars and basses made in Mexico, replacing the Fender Standard Series. These are the new Made in Mexico (MIM) guitars and basses crafted under the master design philosophy of Fender USA.

With pro-level features including satin-finished necks and updated pickups, Fender has adopted a back-to-basics approach to the Fender Player Series, specifically designed for aspiring young guitarists.

The Fender Player Series will replace the Made-in-Mexico Fender Standard Series and become the linchpin in the Fender guitar product line-up for 2019 and beyond.


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Mexican-Made guitars have a reputation as being some of the best value Fender guitars they've ever produced. whilst their American counterparts are highly revered as featuring the best build quality, attention to detail and components, MIM Fenders can still really rock without ever feeling compromised.

The Made-in-Mexico Standard Series has been the biggest selling line of Fender's for some time, providing entry-level players with a more affordable route to a dream Fender guitar, without the price tag of an American-Made model.


The Fender Player Series Stratocaster provides players with that iconic strat sound we know and love. The combination of alder body with all-new Player Series Alnico 5 Strat Single-Coil pickups gives you that bell-like high-end clarity as well as the punchy mids and robust low end you need to stand out.

These new pickups provide a more modern edge to the overall sound, offering a new flavour to the already impressive Stratocaster sound.

The Fender Player Series Stratocaster maintains that classic strat look but adds the modern "C" shaped neck for added comfort.


The ultimate workhorse guitar - The Telecaster gets a slew of brand new Player Series pickups and the choice of a fantastic range of new finishes. The Fender Player Series Telecaster stays true to the heritage of the original Tele but adds a modern "C" shaped neck for added comfort when playing.

Player Series Teles also feature bent steel saddles on the 6-saddle string-through-body bridge, which offers greater intonation and tuning stability.


The Fender Player Jazzmaster features 2 Player Series humbucking pickups, a Push/pull pot to coil-split the humbucking bridge pickup and a brand new 22-fret, 9.5"-radius fingerboard.

The Jaguar remains the iconic 'troublemaker' of the Fender Lineup, representing a punk-rock aesthetic that breaks out of the everyday norm for what an electric guitar can do.


The Fender Player Series ushers in a new era of rosewood-less fingerboard options. Pick from either Maple or a new Pau-Ferro fingerboard option depending on the level of 'snap' you want from your tone!


  • How good are Fender Player Series guitars?

    Fender Player Series Stratocasters are high-quality and built to a consistent standard in the Fender Mexico factory.
  • Where are Fender Player Series guitars made?

    The Fender Player Series is crafted in the Fender Mexico factory.
  • What guitarists play a Fender Player Series?

    Artists such as Snail Mail, Beabadoobee, and Omar Apollo have all used Fender Player Series guitars.
  • Is the fender player series made in Mexico?

    Yes, the Fender Player Series instruments are crafted in the Fender Mexico factory.
  • Do fender player series come with Gig bags?

    No, Fender does not include a gig bag with the current player series - but at PMT we have a vast selection so you can find the perfect one.