Fender American Ultra

The brand new Fender American Ultra series has been designed to offer players the most advanced guitars and basses that the company has ever created.

Created with professional players in mind, the American Ultra series takes over from the incredible American Elites and delivers a refined combination of classic fender tone and aesthetics with modern-day functionality.

Thanks to the combination of a fast-playing neck and finger-board, refined body-curves, brand-new noiseless electronics, and even new finish options, these instruments offer a comfortable and effortless playing experience, whatever your playstyle.




These modern takes on one of the most iconic guitars ever made - available with both a traditional Three Single Coil setup and with a Humbucker bridge pickup option - are more tonally versatile than ever.

Both guitars sport an S-1 switch (which changes the pickup wiring options) and are designed with Ultra Noiseless pickups to eliminate that dreaded 60-cycle hum.


A true Fender icon, refined for the modern age, this American Ultra Telecaster is an absolute dream to play.

With its slimline body, high-performance neck, and Ultra Noiseless Single-Coil Telecaster pickups, this guitar delivers all of the spank and twang that we've come to know and love from the Tele. Not only that but once you activate the S-1 switch the pickups will be wired in Series rather than Parallel, resulting in a thick, humbucker-like tone when both are selected.


A welcome off-set entry into the series is this incredible Jazzmaster - a favourite of alt-rockers and indie players the world over.

More comfortable to play than ever, with a super-fast neck, and a set of Ultra Noiseless Jazzmaster Pickups, this guitar will definitely appeal to the modern player. Not only that but the S-1 switch on this guitar works like the Telecaster, changing the wiring from Parallel to Series for an altogether richer sound.


No professional Fender series would be complete without the inclusion of their low-end offering - the Jazz Bass and Precision bass.

The pickups on these instruments are also Ultra Noiseless, with the P-bass sporing a PJ pickup configuration, and the Jazz bass also available as the 5-string Jazz Bass V!

Whether it's those thunderous P-bass sounds you desire or the bright and articulate J-bass voice, these basses can deliver in style, and do so without any unwanted noise.


For the American Ultra Series, Fender has taken and fine-tuned some of their classic finish options into something altogether more stylish.

Amongst these new finishes, you'll find a sleek Texas Tea (Black), a creamy Mocha Burst (Brown Sunburst), a striking Cobra Blue, and the vintage-inspired Aged Natural, Ultra Burst (3-colour Sunburst), Plasma Redburst, and Arctic Pearl (Vintage White) options.



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