Exceptionally dynamic and immensely popular amongst guitar players of all styles, delay pedals are a simple yet effective way to take guitar tones to new heights at the press of a button.  

Arguably one of the biggest and most popular brands for delay pedals is Boss, offering a wide array of sizes, delay pedals have been crafted to cater to every player and any pre-exisiting pedalboard setups, from the beginner looking to purchase their first delay pedal to the seasoned pro who requires multiple presets. 

In this blog, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at all the delay-related pedals that Boss have to offer, from budget-friendly bargains to premium behemoths, we’ve covered all aspects to make sure you know which stompbox is right for you.

Boss DD-8

Vastly loved by players across the globe, it’s fair to say that most players have had a Boss DD-8 Digital Delay pedal in their arsenal at some point in their guitar journey. And it’s fair to see why, it comes jammed packed with a selection of features to cover almost every scenario a player could come across. 

Boasting eleven versatile modes, including basic digital delay, vintage echo, shimmer, modulation and more, the Boss DD-8 provides a wide plethora of delays from basic to some a bit more experimental, along with a looper that includes unlimited overdub capability and external control capabilities.

Presented in a compact stompbox design, the DD-8 Digital Delay can effortlessly fit into most pre-existing pedalboards no matter how big or small due to its practical size. Not only that but the standard boss pedal housing offers a robust performance that’s sure to handle the demands of the consistently playing performer.

Boss DD-3T

A staple amongst players since 1986, the BOSS DD-3T Digital delay offers immense sound along with hassle-free functionality for the latter-day performer. With an updated design, the DD-3 is able to handle the rigours of continuous use whilst retaining its original sound and control layout.

Impressively easy to control and adjust, the DD-3T is a dream for any guitarist new or old to cater to their exact requirements, with three separate beat subdivisions and a delay time of 12.5 to 800 ms. Keeping it relatively simple, the tap-in delay tempos can be controlled via the onboard switch or an external one, meaning off-the-cuff solos and leads don’t have to be programmed in, simply tap your desired tempo and you’re good to go.

Like its previous incarnation, the DD-3, the compact stompbox includes a direct output jack, however plugging a cable into the direct output converts the main out to delay only. The result is the ability to send wet and dry signals to different amps for wide immersive sounds, allowing players to craft their DD-3T to their requirements effortlessly, making it a must for players with a smaller budget. 


Boss RE-202 Space Echo

With a wide array of cutting-edge contemporary features, the Boss RE-202 Space Echo Digital Delay Pedal proudly maintains its strong influence from the groundbreaking Roland RE-201 Space Echo, while incorporating additional capabilities that cater to the needs of present-day musicians.

Renowned for its unique and inviting tonal richness, as well as its signature rhythmic echoes, this revived classic brings forth the complete and genuine RE-201 experience in a compact and pedalboard-friendly design. 

Meticulously crafted by dedicated engineers at BOSS, it faithfully captures the distinct character and captivating sonic allure possessed by the original RE-201. With an independent stereo reverb section consisting of the original hall, and now plate, room and many more, experiment and combine the reverb with the onboard tape echo effect to achieve out-of-this-world sounds.


Boss SDE-3000D

Catered towards guitarists looking to be able to pull up a multitude of different delay effects in no time at all, the Boss SDE-3000D Dual Digital Delay is an extraordinary floor-based pedal that goes beyond expectations by delivering not just one, but two faithful reproductions of the beloved SDE-3000 delay unit. 

This remarkable pedal boasts fully independent delays, versatile internal routing, and expanded input/output options, making it an ideal choice for both pro mono and stereo setups of all types. 

Immerse yourself in an enhanced experience of modulation and tone-shaping capabilities, while conveniently storing your favourite settings in the generous 100 memory slots. Seamlessly integrate the vintage charm of the SDE-3000D into any stage or studio configuration with an abundance of onboard and external control options, including comprehensive MIDI support.


Boss SDE-3000EVH

In addition to the SDE-3000 is the Boss SDE-3000EVH, a robust pedal unit that blends two fully equipped SDE-3000 units once again whilst also paying tribute to the legendary guitarist, Eddie Van Halen.

With its comprehensive connectivity options, this pedal allows users to create a wet/dry/wet rig reminiscent of Eddie's iconic setup. It comes with eight presets meticulously curated by EVH himself, featuring the precise settings from his own delay units.

Guitarists now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the expansive spatial delay tones that defined Eddie's sound. EVH and BOSS worked closely together to ensure that the SDE-3000EVH faithfully captures Eddie's personal delay sound.

Boss DM-101

  • Offering the definitive stereo analogue delay experience, the Boss DM-101 Delay Machine is a premium multi-mode pedal unit that consists of an integrated full-analog sound circuit and heightened CPU control. 
  • The big selling point of the analogue sound circuit is that analogue delay degrades the overall signal over time, resulting in a natural yet gradual change in sound. Whereas digital delay pedals decrease the signal in volume but maintains the same sound.
  • With 12 delay modes, 6 mono and 6 stereo, players can utilise the built-in stereo output with various output options to achieve spectacular sonic results, making it perfect for those with multi-cabinet guitar rigs and even for sound designers in studios.
  • Featuring an array of controls, players are able to navigate the various modes and refine them to their exact requirements with absolute ease with the adjustable modulation, rate and depth. Not only that but the DM-101 also comes with TRS mini for seamless MIDI integration, perfect for complex pedalboard setups.
  • Jam-packed with four onboard memories and 123 memories that are accessible via MIDI program change, the DM-101 is a must for any veteran guitarist looking for enhanced delay performance either in the studio or on stage

Boss DD-200


  • With the 200 Series, Boss wanted to design a range of pedals that still maintained the company's high standards for sound and adaptability whilst also meeting the requirements of the modern-day player and being able to easily fit within pre-existing pedalboard rigs.
  • Presented with grab-and-go controls as well as a multi-function switch, the Boss DD-200 enables players to instantly recall multiple setups in no time at all, making it perfect for players who require various delay patterns and effects during live performances. 
  • Inheriting the sound and features from the flagship DD-500 model but harnessing it into an even more compact footprint, the DD-200 comes with twelve different modes that cover everything from modern digital to classic analogue, to ambient pads and basic echoes, so users are guaranteed to always be inspired. With a looper and carryover feature thrown in for good measure, transitioning between memories is made effortless

Boss DD-500

  • Packed with BOSS’ cutting-edge technology, the Boss DD-500 emerges as the most dynamic and versatile stompbox delay ever crafted. This extraordinary sound-design toolkit presents 12 distinct delay modes of exceptional audio quality, along with extensive editing controls, a graphic display, patch memories, MIDI functionality, and more. 
  • From fundamental echoes to faithful recreations of iconic delays and breathtakingly immersive spatial textures, the DD-500 propels your music to unimaginable heights.
  • Covering the spectrum from basic echo to precise emulations of beloved vintage delays, as well as intricate modern delay lines incorporating pitch shifting, filtering, and other unique processing, the DD-500 enables you to conjure any delay sound you can conceive and beyond. 
  • Essential parameters can be effortlessly shaped using the onboard tactile knobs, allowing for the immediate creation of remarkable sounds. Each delay type also includes a semi-parametric four-band EQ, modulation, ducking, and numerous other parameters, granting you the ability to delve deep and refine tones with utmost precision.

Boss DM-2W Waza Craft

Reborn with greater adaptability for the modern player and switchable sound modes, the Boss DM-2W Waza Craft is the most recent incarnation of the original stompbox that was discontinued back in 1984 and then brought back due to soaring demand. 

Providing sweet analogue delay tones courtesy of its built-in circuitry, the Boss DM-2W comes with a 20-3000 ms delay time in its standard mode, perfectly replicating the characteristics of the original DM-2. With Custom Mode, however, the sound characteristics of the pedal completely change, providing a more transparent analogue tonality with over twice the delay time available. 

Boss TE-2 Tera Echo Delay

Ideal for artists and sound designers in pursuit of ethereal textures and soundscapes either using a guitar or synthesizers, the Boss TE-2 Tera Echo is a delay pedal truly unlike any other. Utilising Boss’ MDP(Multi-Dimensional Processor) technology which includes immense real-time DSP effects. The TE-2 delivers an immense sonic presence with would typically be unattainable when using analogue circuitry. 

Able to be used in either stereo or mono via the dedicated inputs and outputs built into the stompbox, the BOSS TE-2 comes with a vast choice of tonal adjustments available for users via the minimal controls on the pedal. In addition, the ‘Freeze’ function allows players to hold the ambient texture in the background whilst they play lead lines over the top, making it a must-have for guitarists looking to enhance their sound effectively and easily. 


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