Differences Between Boss Katana MKI & Katana MKII


As the new Boss Katana MKII amp has been unveiled, we look at the key differences between the Boss Katana MKI & Katana MKII to show you what improvements have been made

katana mki vs mkii differences

Wondering what the differences between the Boss Katana MKI and Katana MKII are? Well, we’ve got you covered with a complete comparison and run down of the new features.

We have no idea how they’ve done it, but the team at Boss have been able to improve an already world class amplifier and make it even more useful than it already is!

So what are the differences between the Boss Katana MKI & Katana MKII

In a nutshell, you have a plethora of new features onboard the entire Katana MKII range plus new features for the 100-watt models, Head and 212 version exclusively.

Variation Button - this adds 5 new amp sounds on top of the original Katana MKI sounds. This allows you to enjoy 5 newly crafted amp sounds that you can switch on when you need something sonically unique.

New Dual Effects Pots – a set of new dual control knobs provide individual control of each effect type within the Katana MKII. You also have on/off buttons for each effect.

Upgraded Effects Space – you can now have up to 65 effects onboard. There’s also a selection of new effects in Poly-Octave and Pedal Bend (whammy).

Power Amp In – all Boss katana MKII models now feature a dedicated power amp in (which is different to FX Loop Return) that allows a user to use a High end Multi Effects – directly into the Class A/B Power Amp and Speaker.

Stereo Expand – on 100 watt models only – Cool new feature that allows you to direct link two Katana 100 watts together to run a "stereo" Katana rig.

Basically, one feed into the other by linking hte two via a mono cable. Allowing your GA-FC to control one amp will spreading the sound across two amps.

New Editor – An all new easy-to-use editor now allows you to control all the features and effects of your Katana MKII making life easier.

Full control via pedalboard – you can take full control of your amp using the dedicated GA-FC Foot controller - this feature is exclusive to the 100-watt models.

On-Board Cab Resonance Control – you now have a useful on-board cab resonance control taken from the Katana Artist amps - this feature is exclusive to the Head and 212 versions.

What are the New Amp variations on the Boss Katana MKII

The Boss Katana contains five new amp variations, for wider tonal variety whilst maintaining the fundamental identity of the core Katana sound. These amps offer a thicker tone that cuts through more and provides an all new dimension to your sound.

  • Brown 2
  • Lead 2
  • Crunch 2
  • Clean 2 
  • Acoustic 2
katana mkII The new Katana MKII editor

What are the similarities?

Don’t worry, the MKII retains a similar weight, same size, same cabinet design as the MKI and still has a Custom Design 12” Speaker, Class A/B Power amp. So, it’s still portable and still powerful!

All the cool features from the ORIGINAL Katana are maintained and any of your patches that you have created in MKI will port over into MKII easily!

What Katana MK2 Amps Are Available Now?

The new range of Katana MK2 Amps include:

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