New Boss Katana Artist MKII and Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT amplifiers announced ahead of NAMM 2020

Building on the incredible success of the Katana amplifier series and Acoustic Singer amps, Boss announce the Katana Artist MKII and Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT amplifiers ahead of the NAMM 2020 show. Let's get a closer look at what these amps have to offer.

Boss Katana-Artist MkII Amplifier

Since the Katana MKII series was announced back in October 2019, guitar players have been patiently waiting for the re-release of the Katana Artist. Thankfully all our musical prayers have now been answered as the all-new Boss Katana Artist MKII has been unleashed upon the world ahead of the NAMM 2020 show. So what's new? The new Boss Katana Artist MKII includes an array of new hardware features only available on the MkII version, including a Contour control, solo boost, external dual amp control, and extra amp character variations.

Expanded Amp Character Voices and Effects

The Katana Artist MKII expands on the amp characters and effects available. You now have variations for each of the five amp characters, providing 10 different tone options. You can also make use of five simultaneous effects categories providing the tone-shaping power of a full pedalboard inside your amplifier. You can also connect to the Boss Tone Studio and dive deeper into your effects by changing effects order, effects types and more.

Contour Control & Solo Boost

The MKII version features an exclusive three-way Contour Switch which lets you completely shape the amplifiers core tone. Three selectable Global EQ settings which can be manipulated via the Boss Tone Studio also allow you to fine-tune the overall sound for different guitars and musical styles. The Katana Artist MKII also includes a foot-controllable, post-amp Solo boost with a dedicated knob for quick adjustment. This removes the need for an external boost effect - you've got one built-in!

Run Two Amps At Once With Dual Amp Support

If you're a guitarist who likes to run two amps together for that stereo sound, you'll love the Dual Link functionality. You can hook two Katana Artist MKII's together and configure each amp with different, totally independent settings. Best of all you can operate them via the optional GA-FC foot controller and blend tone,s mix wet/dry signals and more. A Stereo Expand feature lets you use one amp as a master and one as a slave so you can take full advantage of onboard stereo-compatible effects.

One-Touch Recall Of Custom Setups & Tube Logic Sound

Again, the Katana Artist MKII features onboard Tone setting memories so you can pre-save all your perfect pedal and sound setups for your gig. The amp also enjoys the lush sonic qualities of the Boss Tube Logic approach which delivers the authentic dynamics and distortion characteristics of a tube amp - it's all the fun, none of the weight or associated valve problems. And that's just a selection of the features. Learn more HERE.

Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT Amplifier

The new Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT Amplifier comes from the much loved Acoustic Singer series which took the singer-songwriter world by storm thanks to incredible sound and functionality. So what's the difference?

Streamlined design

If you're performing musician, especially one who sings and plays acoustic guitar at the same time, you need an amp that can facilitate both. You also need an amp that's not complicated. Fortunately, the Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT is the most streamlined amp in the series. This amp removes the looper and harmony functions for a more streamlined performance. You still have dual channels which allow you to connect a guitar or line-level instrument as well as a vocal mic and a dedicated EQ section, it's all just a little scaled-down in a more compact cabinet.

60 Watt Bi-Amp Design & Custom Designed Speaker

The 60 watts of power makes the amp an incredible choice for gigging musicians - you've got enough power for stages large or small. The bi-amplification ensures both the custom woofer and dome tweeter are driven by independent power amps providing a clear and powerful sound at all times.

Dual Channels and Feedback Control

Both channels on the Acoustic Singer Live LT delivers premium sound whether you're using acoustic guitars, electric guitars, keyboards or vocals. The guitar channel utilises BOSS’s Acoustic Resonance processing which restores the natural tone of your guitar by eliminating the hard, sterile sound of the piezo pickups usually found in acoustic-electric guitars. The mic channel also benefits from a powerful Enhance function activates big studio-quality vocals for expert delivery. Fortunately, the team at Boss have included a range of defence mechanisms to combat that pesky feedback from creeping in. A phase switch cuts out the boomy resonance whilst the Anti Feedback knob engages a notch filter so you can isolate a frequency causing issues and remove it. Learn more about the amp HERE. Shop a full range of Boss gear over at PMT online or call into your local PMT store to try out a full range for yourself. View all NAMM 2020 news and releases.