Learn about the best mini guitar pedals and pedalboard-friendly FX with our guide to small stompboxes, including picks from Big Top, Mooer, Ibanez and more!

Fitting all of your favourite effects pedals onto your pedalboard can be a challenge. Building a guitar rig is a never-ending quest for perfect tone, with new pedals constantly coming to market and fighting for your precious pedalboard real estate!

One of the best ways to squeeze as many different FX types into your rig is by using mini guitar pedals. Mini stompbox FX allow you to get more out of your rig without sacrificing extra space on your board, and the best mini pedals deliver the same tone as their larger counterparts despite their smaller size.

Whether you’re making ambient soundscapes, a huge shoegaze wall of noise, or just looking for something to make your next solo shine - our guide to the best mini guitar pedals will help you find the best FX that don’t take up too much room. There’s enough choice here that you could even build an entirely mini pedalboard!

Keep reading to dig into our picks for the best mini effects pedals, including our choices for the best mini reverb pedal, mini delay pedal, mini chorus pedal and more!

Are Mini Guitar Pedals Good?

The best thing about mini guitar pedals is that they offer all of the same tone that you get from full-sized pedals.

They allow you to save space on your pedalboard, they’re more portable, and you get the same sounds - it’s a no-brainer!

Mini Guitar Pedals vs Full-Size Pedals

The only drawback with smaller pedals is that the controls are usually also smaller, so sometimes making quick adjustments whilst performing live is slightly more difficult.

But if you’re the type of guitarist who has a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ approach to your rig, you’ll have no problems with these stompboxes!

Many mini pedals also have ingenious modifications to make switching the parameters more simple, so they’re just as easy-to-use as any other stompbox.

Big Top FX

Whichever mini effects pedals you’re looking to add to your rig, Big Top has you covered.

These awesome circus-themed stompboxes come in at a truly micro-size, allowing them to be squeezed onto even the tightest of pedalboards.

Despite their smaller footprint, the sound from these pedals is truly huge.

No matter if you’re on the hunt for the best mini distortion pedal or you’re looking for some extra modulation without overfilling your board, each and every one of these pedals is made with premium components that are built to last.

The full range includes:

You can also power your pedals with a compact Big Top Pro Power Supply Brick - a rugged power option for your board that includes eight 9V DC outputs, two high-voltage outputs, and even a 5V DC USB output.

Check out the entire Big Top FX range below:

Mooer Pedals

One of the finest mini guitar pedal manufacturers in the world is Mooer.

This Shenzhen-based company develops infinitely useful stompboxes that take inspiration from some of the most renowned effects units of all time.

Versatile and adaptable, Mooer manages to squeeze in the same controls you’d expect with some clever innovations and conveniently-placed switches that make getting a new pedal into your rig easier than ever.

They’ve been spotted on the boards of celebrated pedal experimentalists such as Kevin Shields, J. Mascis, and Nick Allbrook, as well as finding favour with artists like Sam Fender and George Ezra.

Find the full Mooer selection here:

Dunlop & MXR Pedals

In addition to their range of iconic full-sized guitar pedals, both Dunlop and MXR also create micro versions of some of their most popular FX.

Whether you want to recreate the Hendrix fuzz tone or get a faithful Crybaby wah sound, you can now add these classic voices to your board without having to clear up too much space.

MXR pedals have been the go-to for stars such as Eddie Van Halen, Jack White, and Frank Zappa over the years. Famed for their innovative approach to pedal building, you can now add some modern flair to your setup with mini versions of units such as the Carbon Copy delay.

Take a look at them all below:

Ibanez Mini Pedals

Another legend in the guitar pedal game is Ibanez.

Responsible for industry-standard stompboxes such as the Tubescreamer, you’re almost certain to have come across the sound of an Ibanez pedal on one of your favourite records.

They’ve also recently introduced a Mini Series of effects that we love at PMT. These pedals prioritise portability and offer guitarists the chance to squeeze in a legendary pedal where previously it would have been impossible.

Each of these pedals is still created with the same commitment to quality that Ibanez has built their reputation on, with robust switching, bulletproof construction, and top-quality components.

If you’re searching for timeless guitar effects that will seamlessly slot onto your pedalboard, you can find all of the Ibanez Mini Series below:

Should I Upgrade My Pedalboard?

If you’ve used up absolutely all of the space on your pedalboard so that you can’t even fit these mini pedals on - it might be time for an upgrade.

A good pedalboard can last a lifetime of touring, so it’s always better to get one that’s a little larger than you need. This means you can add things on as necessary, and keep upgrading your rig.

Our favourite pedalboards come from TOURTECH. They’re rock-solid, don’t move around on stage, and come with accessories like velcro and cable ties so you’re ready to get set-up straight away.

Check out all of our pedalboards here:

Don’t forget that if you’re adding some extra pedals to your board that you’ll need to think about how you’re going to power them and connect them all up. We’ve got it covered with a wonderful array of power supplies and patch cables here:

Final Thoughts

Adding mini pedals to your setup is one of the best ways to start building a more portable guitar rig.

They save space and weight which makes getting to gigs and rehearsals much easier, and they give you the ability to add a greater variety of effects to your pedalboard.

With innovative brands like Big Top it’s now easier than ever to get started with guitar FX and supercharge your tone. Whether you’re a beginner trying them out for the first time or a seasoned professional looking to squeeze in just one more stompbox - you can’t go wrong with mini pedals!

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