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Get ready to elevate your guitar playing with Big Top FX! As a leading guitar pedal manufacturer, Big Top offers a wide range of mini guitar stomp boxes and accessories, designed to bring excitement and variety to your tone. Each pedal is compact, pedalboard, and budget-friendly, allowing you to easily enhance your guitar playing without breaking the bank.


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Check out some of Big Top's standout products, such as the sweet-sounding Candy Floss Mini Chorus, the impressive Trapeze Mini Delay, and the heat-packing Fire Eater Mini Distortion. Don't miss your chance to improve your guitar tones with Big Top FX!

Still unsure? Then take a look at this video where our very own Dagan shows you just what these awesome little pedals can do:


  • What is the size of a Big Top FX Pedal?

    Big Top Pedals have the following dimensions: 90mm(L) x 35mm(W) x 30mm(H)
  • Are Big Top pedals reliable enough for touring?

    Big Top FX builds pedals that are designed to withstand the rigours of the road - they can fit on even the most cramped of pedalboards and are great for gigging.
  • Are Big Top pedals easy to use for beginners?

    Big Top pedals are an awesome choice for beginners as they're easy-to-use and dial-in epic tones straight out of the box. Even if you're experimenting with new effects, it won't take you long to get something great from a Big Top unit!