Ibanez Effects Pedals

Ibanez have been manufacturing effects pedals since the early 1980's and they are some of the best in the business. The Tube Screamer and the OD85 usually crop up in the “must have guitar pedal” lists, much like this one created by our PMT Experts! 

Recently they have started to create smaller pedals - which help save you room on your pedal board, their brand new 2021 range of effects pedals is no exception. Here at PMT Online we have provided an extensive list of excellent Ibanez effects pedals.


The Ibanez Tube Screamer overdrive pedal is one of the most famous overdrive pedals around. For a lot of guitarists, this pedal has long been the number 1 choice for people searching for tube screaming perfection. This pedal is so well revered due to its lush warm overdrive tones, which is why it finds its place on the pedal boards of so many guitarists! 


In their brand new 2021 effects pedal range, Ibanez have introduced the Ibanez BTMINI mini phaser pedal and the PHMINI MINI Booster pedal. Made in Japan, these pedals are small, but yet still provide a sizable punch to the sound you want to make. Their compact shape makes it easy to find a place for these essential effects pedals on your pedalboard.


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