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Ibanez Tubescreamer Mini Overdrive Pedal
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Ibanez Tubescreamer Mini Overdrive Pedal Ibanez Tubescreamer Mini Overdrive Pedal

Ibanez TubeScreamer Mini Overdrive Pedal

by Ibanez
Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini, Infamous Overdrive Circuit in a Miniature-Sized Pedal Throughout the late 1970's and early 1980s the Ibanez Tube..

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Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini, Infamous Overdrive Circuit in a Miniature-Sized Pedal

Throughout the late 1970's and early 1980s the Ibanez Tube Screamer was introduced to the world in a number guises, but each version of the pedal had the same thing in common: tone to die for! This has led to them being one of the most popular, commonly heard, and commonly cloned effects pedals available - but despite the number of copies out there, there's none better than the original.

Perfect Tone in a Tiny Package

This pedal can be used effectively as either an Overdrive, High Gain Boost or Clean Boost, with the outcome in each situation being more than satisfying.


Through precise use of the tone control you can determine just how much of a mid-range peak you get from the pedal. Need to cut through the mix during your next solo? No problem. Need to roll it back a little for a smoother drive tone? You've got it!

High Gain Boost

If you're a metal-guitarist that's in need of even more bite and attack adding to your high-gain sound, then the Tube Screamer Mini can certainly get the job done. As well as adding a little extra gain, the mid-boost capabilities of the TS Mini really add that something extra which can often be found wanting with some distortion types.

Clean Boost

This is where the TS Mini really holds its own, and where pale imitations often fall flat. Once you drop the gain level down to 0, the TS Mini still produces that telltale Tube Screamer sound, with a little bit of overdrive present but a tone that's consistent with a clean boost circuit.

True Bypass

This powerful little Overdrive unit is not only small enough to squeeze in on most pedal-boards, it's actually 100% analog with true-bypass switching too, meaning the overall tone is enough to satisfy even the most particular tone-hounds out there.

Super Affordable

The Ibanez Tubescreamer Mini is an instant classic, drives amps harder and offers great tone shaping. All housed inside a compact and rugged enclosure, and available at a more-than-reasonable price!

If you haven't already got a Tube Screamer on your board then you owe it to yourself to try out this affordable compact pedal!

Key Features:

  • Controls: Overdrive, Tone and Level
  • 100% Analog Circuitry
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Made in Japan
  • Dimensions: 50.9 (W) x 92.6 (D)x 55.1 (H) (mm)
  • Power Supply: External AC adapter (Use only DC 9V (Negative center pin))


Weight (kg)2.0000
Power Supply9v dc (adapter only)
Warranty2 years

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