Go behind-the-scenes on Machine Gun Kelly's Mainstream Sellout tour as we find out about the guitars, amps, and pedals that MGK uses live across the globe

Get a sneak peek at the touring rig used by Machine Gun Kelly and his team as he hits the road to take in some of the biggest venues in the world, with an exclusive look at the Machine Gun Kelly guitars, amps, and pedalboard set-up for his latest tour.

The PMTVUK crew were given exclusive access to the rig that is filling out arenas worldwide - check it out below, and keep reading to find out how you can replicate the Machine Gun Kelly guitar tone for yourself!

What Guitars Does Machine Gun Kelly Use?

Machine Gun Kelly Signature Schecter PT

Machine Gun Kelly is exclusively using Schecter PT guitars on his latest tour.

Alongside his awesome signature model, MGK has an array of different PT guitars that offer slightly different tonal properties and alternative looks.

The full line-up of Schecter guitars that Machine Gun Kelly is using is as follows:

  • Dolce & Gabbana Spray Painted PT
  • Hydro-Dipped PT
  • MGK Signature PT
  • All-Black PT
  • Chrome-Dipped PT

The Machine Gun Kelly Signature Schecter comes in the unique ‘Ticket to My Downfall’ pink finish and features a solid Alder body with a super-fast Maple neck, plus a USA-made Pasadena pickup.

The Ebony fingerboard and contoured neck heel further enhance the fast-playing feel of this axe, whilst the high-output pickup in combination with a killswitch control allows for full control of feedback at even the most high-energy shows and performances.

Machine Gun Kelly Amplifiers

Kemper Profiler with Footswitch

Following in the footsteps of so many other modern guitar players, MGK has turned to Kemper to handle his amplification needs for this tour.

Using only a small pedalboard at his feet (which we’ll take a look at next), Machine Gun Kelly relies mostly on his guitar tech and team to handle his tones and switching from the side of the stage.

Whilst we can’t all leave our tone in the control of a trusted tech, you can get your hands on the same Kemper amps and switching systems at PMT - take a look at the entire range available below:

What Pedals Does Machine Gun Kelly Use?

Machine Gun Kelly uses a small pedalboard on-stage which only consists of a couple of different units.

With that being said, they’re both classic pedals!

The DigiTech Whammy is first up, and this pitch-bending stompbox is one of the most renowned in the world - its users include the likes of Tom Morello, Jack White, and Jonny Greenwood.

The Whammy allows you to control the pitch of your guitar output with an expression pedal, and the myriad of settings can allow for epic experimentation and otherworldly sounds.

You can quite easily turn a basic solo or riff into something entirely unique!

DigiTech Whammy V

Next up, we have perhaps the most iconic pedal in guitar history - the CryBaby Wah from Dunlop.

This pedal has been used by almost everybody in rock’n’roll across the years, and it can help you to unleash authentic psychedelic Hendrix sounds or smart, choppy filtered tones depending on how you use it.

Dunlop CryBaby Wah

Strings, Straps, Plectrums, and Guitar Stands!

Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Strings

When you’re touring the world and constantly on the road playing sold-out shows, you need to make sure that your guitar accessories are built to last.

Despite his hard-hitting, aggressive style, MGK is rarely one to break a string - and you can find him relying on Ernie Ball’s ‘Skinny Top Heavy Bottom’ sets to ensure peak performance when shredding live.

You’ll also find it interesting to see that most of MGK’s guitars are set-up without the highest E string!

The performances rely on ever-dependable Ernie Ball guitar straps - including some awesome custom designs - and you’ll also find Machine Gun Kelly uses 0.88mm plectrums for guitar.

On stage, the crew relies on the PRS Floating Guitar Stand - a sleek, reliable option, and one of our favourites at PMT!

PRS Floating Guitar Stand

Final Thoughts

The MGK live guitar rig is a perfect mix of modern tech with classic flair. No matter if you’re tackling pop punk, alternative rock, or hip hop-inspired guitar music - this blend of gear will help you to achieve the sounds you need.

Machine Gun Kelly is never one to shy away from the limelight, and the MGK signature Schecter PT is exactly the sort of instrument you need for brash, in-your-face tones that are capable of filling stadiums night after night.

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