The Kemper Profiler is widely regarded as THE world's leading digital guitar amplifier and digital effects processor, with professionals the world over describing it as a "game-changer".


Not just a simple modelling amplifier, the Profiler is renowned as the first digital guitar amp to truly capture the full dynamic sound of a guitar or bass amp, thanks to the use of the company's patented "Profiling" technology.


With many professional guitarists favouring the sound of a classic tube amplifier, the setbacks of using one can be many: they're often high-maintenance and achieving consistency in tone between the practice room, the studio, and the stage can often be a pain.

With the likes of the original Kemper Profiler, you can achieve that sweet sound, with an incredible level of consistency, in a relatively lightweight package.

These amps come equipped with literally HUNDREDS of pre-installed amplifiers and effects to choose from, each of them accurately recreated - even down to the natural "flaws" that make up the character of an older amplifier.

In addition to the aforementioned head, there's also the Kemper Powered Profiler head (which doesn't need an external power amp), the Kemper Profiler Rack and it's Powered counterpart and a host of accessories.


We are living in the age of multi-effects units, the likes of which were only dreamed of even ten years ago, so it was only natural that Kemper would get in on the act too, with the awesome Kemper Profiler Stage.

This state of the art multi-effects unit utilises the same profiling technology as the amplifiers, combining all of those awesome profiling options into a handy-sized pedalboard, with easy-to-access banks of truly breathtaking sounds.


As these products are so "in-demand" we may not always have them in stock, but fear not: as an Authorised UK Kemper dealer with 15 Stores nationwide, here at PMT we will happily special order any Kemper products that you may wish to purchase.