Squier Telecaster

The Telecaster has become a true rock ‘n’ roll icon since it was first introduced by Fender back in 1951. The Squier Tele represents a budget-friendly option of this classic model which is perfect for new guitarists and players who are on a budget – without compromising on quality, style or sound.


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Squier Telecaster – An Affordable Piece of Guitar History

The Telecaster is the world’s oldest solid body electric guitar which means you’re essentially buying into a piece of guitar history. Since first appearing on the scene, the Telecaster has changed the face of the guitar world. It’s still used across the globe today and for good reason. Legendary artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Muddy Waters and Graham Coxon have favoured its crisp twanging tone, robust durability and it’s modular construction.

The Squier Telecaster is perfect for beginner guitarists

The Squier Telecaster is perfect for beginner guitarists mainly because you’re getting all of Fender’s quality craftsmanship at a fraction of the price. You’ll also get that famous and celebrated Telecaster design which has been seen on stages with some of the world’s biggest artists. The versatile and robust nature of the Telecaster will make it last well into your playing years – meaning you won’t need to upgrade your guitar for a very long time.

Everything you need for a great sound 

The Squier Telecaster is pretty much a no-nonsense single-cutaway guitar that is built to last. Two single-coil pickups offer a brilliant rich sound, while the contoured body offers a great feel and playability. Volume and Tone controls and a 3-way pickup selector will help you quickly shape your sound. The Telecaster’s bright and snappy sound makes it suitable for a host of genres, whether that’s indie, rock, jazz, country or anything in-between. We keep saying it but there’s definitely a reason why this guitar is adored across the globe, it even made the album cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’.

Why choose a Squier Telecaster?

Squier Telecasters are perfect for guitarists who want high-quality standards but can’t justify spending a load of money. Squier is owned by Fender so they’re made with the same attention to detail and offer the same famous playability and sound quality. This ultimately results in a guitar that is great value for money.

Shop Squier Telecasters at PMT

As the UK’s leading Squier Dealer – we have a huge range of Squier guitars available across all of their ranges. You can browse our full range of Squier Telecasters and more at PMT Online or visit your nearest PMT store to try out the guitar and make the right choice.


  • Are Squier Telecasters Any Good?

    Squire Affinity Telecasters are an excellent choice for a first guitar with dependable quality, a comfortable neck, and a decent sound. As a beginner, you might not want to take risks with your first guitar; then, this is the perfect guitar for you.
  • What Is The Difference Between a Tele & a Strat?

    Telecaster is much more versatile, whereas Stratocaster offers a broader palette of tones. Telecaster is easier to play and tune, whereas Stratocaster is more comfortable to hold.