Established in 2005 as the natural evolution of Mr. Paoletti's guitar luthier and amplifier tech activities, Paoletti Guitars offers an impressive array of handcrafted, custom shop models made from truly unique materials.

The guitars made by Paoletti are crafted with bodies of chestnut wood that has been reclaimed from 130-170-year-old wine barrels - a fitting tribute to the family's past, whilst also being environmentally responsible. This results in a uniquely impressive natural sound for the instruments, which is perfectly complimented by the custom-voiced, hand-wound pickups that the company uses.

Add some custom-made hardware into the mix and you've got guitars that may be vintage by their very nature, but which certainly hold their own in the modern market.

So, treat yourself to a new centerpiece to your guitar collection, and make it a Paoletti - you won't regret it!

If there's any Paoletti guitar that we don't currently have listed online, but that you would be interested in purchasing, then please be sure to contact our Online Sales team directly and we will see what we can do for you.


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  • Are Paoletti Guitars good?

    Paoletti Guitars are widely-regarded as being amongst the very best custom built guitars available on the market today.
  • Where are Paoletti Guitars made?

    Paoletti Guitars are hand-crafted in Quarrata, a provice of Pistoia which is approximately 19 miles to the west of Florence, Italy.