Korg Synthesizers

Forever at the forefront of sonic exploration, Korg Synthesizers have developed an iconic status for their range of digital, analog, and analog-modelling machines. With a selection of old favourites and innovative new additions such as the much-loved Volca series, Korg show no sign of slowing down on their quest to revolutionise music creation and sound design.


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Cutting-Edge Digital Synthesis

Korg utilises various types of synthesis to deliver industry-leading sound creation and music-making capabilities. Whether you want to modulate samples with a wavetable unit or create stunning FM soundscapes, Korg's extensive range is forever expanding as they constantly pioneer new technology.

Mono or Poly?

Korg offer a range of powerful synthesizer units, some offering polyphony and others opting for monophonic voicing. Monophonic synthesizers are great for generating powerful bass tones or drum samples, whereas you'll need a synthesizer with polyphonic capabilities in order to create chords and complex pad sounds. Using a mixture of each in your workflow will lead to a whole host of awesome noise and allow you to experiment with different ways of creating music.