Epiphone Les Paul

The Epiphone Les Paul carries the rich history of the world's most famous electric guitar - the Gibson Les Paul - at a more affordable price point.

If you want a quality electric guitar that’s perfect for the rock and blues genres then look no further than this iconic Les Paul model. Probably the ultimate rock electric guitar – the style has been championed by everyone from the likes of Slash through to Jimmy Page and Ace Frehley.


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Here at PMT, we love the fact that this iconic and legendary model can be so accessible to new players. If anything, it’s more likely to help you enjoy learning to play the guitar and stick with it.


Speaking of beginners – we also sell Epiphone Les Paul starter packs which are ideal for new guitarists. These also make perfect gifts as they include everything a new guitarist needs to plug in and play. Typically, they include gig bags that are ideal for transporting your guitar, plectrums, a guitar strap, and a cable.


The Epiphone Les Paul carries that legendary tone and natural sustain that we’ve come to expect from the Gibson Les Paul itself. This is perhaps down to the massively powerful pickups and professional-grade tonewoods. It’s important to remember that this isn’t just a cheap version of a Gibson, it’s been made to an extremely high standard, ultimately meaning that you’re buying a guitar that’s going to last a very long time.


If you’re still unsure whether the Epiphone Les Paul is suitable for you can read our helpful blog on five reasons to buy an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. We’d really recommend heading to your nearest PMT Store and trying out a few models to see which is the most suitable option for you. Our friendly experts will also be on hand to help you make the right decision.


PMT are proud to stock a massive array of Epiphone's Les Paul Standard, Les Paul Special and SL models, plus many more Limited Edition and Special Run guitars. Each one is available to try before you buy at your local PMT Store. Speak to our In-Store Experts on finding the right Epiphone Les Paul to suit you.


  • What is the difference between Gibson and Epiphone Les Pauls?

    Gibson Guitars are always made in the USA with high-quality tonewoods and hand-wound pickups. Epiphone are the only company licensed to recreate Gibson designs, but they are crafted in China in order to offer styles at a lower price point.
  • Is an Epiphone an authentic Les Paul?

    Epiphone are exclusively licensed by Gibson to craft budget-friendly versions of iconic designs such as the Les Paul and SG, and are therefore authentic versions of these guitars.
  • Which Epiphone Les Paul model is considered the best?

    The best Epiphone Les Paul guitar will always come down to a matter of personal preference, but the high-end models have many fans who prefer them to their Gibson counterparts. Try out a Custom and see how it feels!
  • Is a Les Paul easier to play than a Strat?

    Stratocaster guitars are often lighter than Les Paul styles, in addition to offering easier upper fret access and a more comfortable neck. On the other hand, the Les Paul has a shorter scale-length and lower string tension which some people prefer.
  • What gauge strings are best for a Les Paul guitar?

    What string gauge you choose is a completely personal preference, however Les Paul guitars will usually come strung as standard with 10-gauge strings.