Finding Christmas gifts for musicians can be a daunting task, so here at PMT we have put together a little list of stocking fillers for musicians & Secret Santa ideas to help you out!

Musicians can be notoriously difficult to shop for, and with Christmas just around the corner, it’s a great time to pick up some stocking fillers for musicians. But what to buy? Well… We’ve made our list, checked it twice and now we’re sharing it with you. See below for great stocking filler Christmas gift ideas for guitarists, drummers, bassists, and all sorts of musicians!

Stocking Fillers FOR GUITARISTS

Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball Slinky 10s

A set of strings is always the best idea when it comes to stocking fillers for musicians. Ernie Ball strings are probably the most recognised strings in the world, and their best-selling set are the Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings.

Guitarists are always in need of another set of strings, so why not pick your guitarist up a fresh pack?

Guitar strings are one of the easiest gifts to get hold of and one of the best guitar stocking fillers that the musician in your life would actually like - so grab a pack from the link below:

Guitar Picks

Dunlop Tortex Standard Orange 0.60mm Players (12 Pack)

Guitarists can never have enough guitar picks!

Most guitarists use a plectrum when they're playing, and there are all sorts of different types to try out which can subtly change your sound and playing experience. They're also very easy to misplace, so it pays to have as many as possible in your collection.

A multi-pack such as these Dunlop Tortex .60mm 12 Pack will keep the guitarist in your life playing away long into the New Year.

Find all of the guitar picks available at PMT below:

Mini Amps

Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp

The Marshall MS-2 is an incredible little gadget and a great stocking filler for musicians who want to practice guitar anywhere. A 1-watt, miniature combo amplifier that brings the classic, iconic Marshall styling which has been the backline for many rock ‘n’ roll legends over the decades.

The MS-2 Micro Amp is a great size, ideal for placing on your desktop at home or in your bag. The tiny guitar amp is powered by a single 9v battery, making it extremely portable. Just take it out with you wherever you go and you’re ready to rock whenever inspiration strikes! You can also plug in your headphones into the amp when it’s time to play quietly.

Available in Black and Red.

If you really want to turn it up to 11, why not check out the Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack? Offering you two channels so you can easily switch between Clean and Overdrive channels, so you can really rock it large with a tiny little amp.

There’s also the Fender Mustang Micro - an awesome gadget that lets you play a staggering range of sounds through your headphones. With 13 onboard effects and 12 amp models, the possibilities are endless.

Fender Mustang Micro Personal Guitar Amp

Take a look at the rest of our Mini Amp range here:

Guitar Pedals

Landlord FX Amber Nectar Overdrive

Guitar effects pedals can be extremely cost-effective, great value stocking fillers for musicians that come with all sorts of different sounds including chorus, delay, overdrive, full-on metal distortion and more.

They’re small in size so they’re easily portable and guitarists and bass players will always appreciate another pedal to add to their pedalboard. Guitar pedals are inexpensive options and make great stocking fillers for musicians.

The Landlord FX Amber Nectar Overdrive Pedal (pictured) is a budget-friendly option that gives a superb tone that anyone would appreciate.

Shop a full range of pedals below:

Guitar Tuners

TOURTECH Clip-On Instrument Tuner with Colour Screen

Every guitarist needs a tuner, and we have a wonderful range of clip-on options, pedals, and rack units suitable for all players.

This TOURTECH Clip-On Instrument Tuner with Colour Screen is great for beginners, but you can shop a full range of Tuners by clicking here:

Guitar Care

Dunlop Formula 65

All musicians need to look after their instruments. That’s why at PMT we always stock a range of guitar cleaning products and maintenance tools to ensure you can keep your axe rocking for as long as possible.

This Dunlop Formula 65 polish leaves your guitar with an enviable shine that will be certain to stand out at gigs.

Shop a full range of guitar care accessories and stocking fillers here:

Strap Locks

Schaller Strap Locks

Strap locks can be a lifesaver for guitarists.

These handy bits of kit ensure that your guitar strap won't fail, giving you peace of mind when playing. Guitars can be very delicate, and dropping an expensive piece of kit can lead to chips, dings, and worse - nobody wants to see a snapped guitar neck!

The Schaller Strap Locks pictured above are a discrete addition to your guitar that can really save your gig and your prized possession.

For a full range of useful guitar accessories, click below:

Stocking Fillers FOR DRUMMERS

Drum Sticks

Meinl 5a Hybrid Drum Sticks

Most drummers snap sticks all too often, and so new sets are always appreciated.

We also stock a selection of hot rods and brushes, so no matter how you play we’ve got you covered.

These Meinl Hybrid Sticks are a great option due to their versatility and they’re a consistent best-seller here at PMT.

Shop all of our drum sticks, brushes, and hot rods here:

Ear Plugs

Alpine Party Plug Pro Ear Plugs

If there’s one thing that’s important to any musician it’s their hearing. Playing in a band and rehearsing can be very detrimental to your hearing and the drums are often the loudest instrument in the room.

Watching gigs can also damage your hearing if you don't have a set of earplugs in. That’s where the Alpine MusicSafe Pro Transparent Ear Plugs come in.

They’re configured to replicate the natural response of the ear canal, ensuring that sound is reproduced perfectly but at a lower, safer volume - retaining the clarity and richness of speech and music while providing up to 22Db volume reduction across all frequencies.

Not only is this one of the great gift ideas for drummers, it’s a thoughtful and caring one too... and isn’t that the spirit of Christmas after all?

Earplugs are the ideal stocking fillers for musicians who either watch gigs or play in a live band.

Moon Gel

Moongel Adhesive Drum Damper Pads

Drum dampers are a vital tool that all drummers will need to use at some point. They're used to modify the tone and resonance of your kit, allowing you to make sure everything is perfect for gigs or recording.

These Moongel Damper Pads can be used on your cymbals or drum skins and are also removable and reusable, allowing you to get consistent use out of them and experiment to find the best sounds.

Check out some more drum accessories here:

Stocking Fillers FOR BASS PLAYERS

Mini Amps

Blackstar Amplug Fly2 Bass Headphone Amp

Mini Amps aren’t just for guitarists. This Blackstar Amplug Fly2 Bass Headphone Amp gives you 3 channels for Classic, Modern, and Overdrive sounds, in addition to six built-in rhythm loops for practicing.

For the bass player who needs a table-top amp solution or just some quiet practice time, shop our full range here:

Korg Volca Series Synths

Korg Volca Bass

The Korg Volca series has opened up the world of synthesis to all musicians, offering distinctive sounds and groovy beats for everybody to play with.

Bassists in particular will love this low-end synth, offering a fully-analog sound with an Electribe-inspired sequencer and three separate oscillators.

Shop the rest of the range here and get to grips with these unique machines:

Guitar Straps

Tourtech Brown Faux Leather Guitar or Bass Strap

Every bass player needs a strap, and at PMT we have an awesome range that will suit an array of styles.

This Tourtech Brown faux-Leather Strap is padded and ideal for using with a bass or any heavier instrument.

Shop the rest of our straps here:

Other Cool Musical Stocking Stuffers

Marshall Bluetooth Speakers

Marshall Emberton II Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Marshall is synonymous with some of the most iconic moments in music, and the legendary logo brings to mind images of Hendrix, Slash, and Jimmy Page.

The awesome range of Marshall Bluetooth Speakers deliver epic sound with a classic look that musicians will love. 

One of our favourites is the Marshall Emberton II Bluetooth Portable Speaker, but you can find the full selection by clicking on the button below:


Trumix SDH-50 Headphones

If the musician in your life prefers to listen to music with headphones, you can find a complete range of hi-fi options at PMT.

The Trumix SDH-50 is suitable for studio, DJ, and casual listening, with a premium sound that musicians will appreciate.

Made with ultra-comfortable soft vegan leather for long listening sessions they're a sleek option that won't break the bank.

Click on the button below to shop all headphones at PMT:

STILL CAN’T DECIDE? Try a PMT Gift Voucher

If you still can’t decide what to get them, why not give them the choice? PMT offer gift vouchers in the following amounts:

These vouchers can be used against any purchase on PMT Online or in any of our PMT stores across the UK.

PMT Store £25 Gift Card

So, there we have it! We hope this list of stocking fillers for musicians has helped you in your quest to find gift ideas for musicians. Call in to your local PMT store today to shop a full range or speak to our experts online for help choosing the perfect Christmas gift for the musician in your life. 

Updated 07/11/2022