We look at some of the best gifts for drummers this Christmas 2022, including the best kits, accessories, and more!

Whether it’s Christmas, birthday, or just a gift to show your appreciation for the drummer in your life, we have a huge range of gifts for drummers of all styles and skill levels.

We’ve put together a list of awesome gifts for drummers alongside some essential drum accessories that won’t break the bank this Christmas 2022.


These are a selection of our favourite presents for drummers - including stocking stuffers for drummers, beginner drummer gifts, and more!

1. Practice Pads

Evans RealFeel Practice Pad

Practice pads are the perfect tool for drummers of all levels. Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, practice pads can help you improve your technique and become a better player. 

They’re great for taking on the road with you when travelling, and they’re made from high-quality materials that feel like real drums. 

The surface of the pad is designed to replicate the feel of a real drum head, so it feels natural under your hands while practicing rolls and other techniques away from home.

Every drummer serious about their craft will have a practice pad - we really like this Evans RealFeel 12” Pad, but you can shop a full range here:

2. Drum Sticks

Meinl 5a Hybrid

Drum Sticks are perhaps the most essential piece of kit that any drummer can have, so they’re always a much-appreciated gift.

Alongside our range of standard sticks such as the Meinl Hybrid 5a (pictured), we also stock a collection of brushes and hot rods that allow drummers to explore different genres, styles, and dynamics.

Find the perfect pair here:

3. Bags and Cases

TourTech Drum Case Set

For the drummer who regularly takes their kit out on the road, shop our range of bags and cases designed for keeping everything safe from the elements.

Drummers have to spend a lot of time setting-up and packing down their gear, and it often gets squashed into the back of a van soon after the end of a set where it’s easily scratched or damaged.

Whether you need a simple cymbal bag for packing away your breakables or a full shell pack for transporting an entire rig - we’ve got it at PMT.

4. Drum Keys

Zildjian Z Drum Key

No matter what sort of kit a drummer has, they’ll always want it sounding as awesome as possible - and to do that they’ll need a Drum Key.

These little keys are used to adjust the tension rods on drums, altering the pitch as well as the overall tone and feel of the kit.

The Z Key from industry icons Zildjian (pictured above) is a great option that is as reliable as you'd expect from such an esteemed brand, and something that drummers would appreciate finding in their stocking on Christmas morning.

5. Ear Plugs

Alpine Ear Plugs

Playing drums can get loud - like really, really loud. Musicians of all levels need to take particular care of their hearing if they want to keep enjoying their passion for the rest of their lives, and that's why Ear Plugs are a great stocking filler for a drummer.

We sell hearing protection that is designed by musicians, for musicians - so instead of losing clarity or focus when you use them, you’ll just be dropping the decibel level slightly and removing the harsh frequencies that can harm your ears.

Shop the full range here:

6. Drum Dampers

SlapKlatz Pro Drum Damper Gel

Drummers that regularly record music or play live will already be familiar with how great Dampers are - and they’d really appreciate a set underneath the tree this year!

These handy products are designed to remove unwanted ringing or overtones from drums, allowing for a focused and precise sound that sounds professional.

They’re really easy to use and offer one of the easiest ways to transform the sound of a kit - so whether you’re a beginner looking to spruce up your first snare or a veteran who’s heading back into the studio, they’ll help to get everything sounding great.

We recommend the Slapklatz Pro Gels set or Moongels.

7. Cymbal Packs

Meinl Extreme Metal Cymbal Pack

The most cost-effective way to get kitted out with cymbals is to buy a Cymbal Pack.

Available in a range of different sizes and suitable for a wide selection of set-up types, these packs make for great gifts when the drummer in your life needs to upgrade their kit.

Most packs come with a hi-hat, ride, and a crash as standard, but you can also opt for a simple expression pack add-on - or go all-out and choose a pack with an extra crash and splash included too.

One of our favourite options is this Meinl Classics Custom Extreme Metal Series Cymbal Set (pictured).

8. Drum Heads

Evans Hybrid Coated 14" Snare Head

Eventually all drums will need to have their heads changed, and so having a spare on hand can really save the day.

We sell a stunning range of high-quality Drum Heads that can easily inject new life into your sound - check out this Evans Hybrid Coated 14” Snare Head for one of our most popular options, or click below for the full collection:

9. Drum Triggers

Yamaha DT50s Trigger

A great gift option for the modern drummer is a Drum Trigger.

Made from small piezo connectors, triggers allow acoustic drums to be connected to a drum brain or MIDI device for activating virtual instruments and samples.

You can open up a new world of possibilities both live and in the studio with a drum trigger, so they’re a sure-fire way to make a drummer happy when gifting this year.

10. Drum Care

Crazy John's Cymbal Cleaner

All drum kits need to be looked after and maintained once in a while. Unfortunately, most drummers would rather spend their time rocking out than shopping for cleaning supplies.

At PMT we stock a range of tools and solutions for keeping drum kits sounding as good as they can for as long as possible - and they all make great gifts.

Our favourite is Crazy John’s Cymbal Cleaner - an easy-to-use solution that is guaranteed to remove grime and oxidation from cymbals. This helps to prolong the life of the kit and make sure it always sounds great.

Shop a full range of Drum Care here:

11. Percussion

Stagg Tambourine

Musicians that regularly record their own songs can never have enough percussion instruments - and that’s why they’re always a great gift idea for drummers.

Used for adding rhythmic flourishes in the studio, our wide-selection of tambourines, shakers, and more are perfectly suited for a range of genres and drumming styles.

This Stagg Tambourine sounds great and is comfortable to use, as well as being a great option for those just getting started and the more experienced percussionist.

Shop a full range here:

12. Beginner Kits

TourTech TT 22m Electric Drum Kit with Mesh Heads

For the aspiring drummer in your life we’ve picked out a range of acoustic and electric beginner kits that are designed for learning the basics on.

Our favourites are the PP Junior 3PC Drum Kit, which is a great acoustic kit for kids, and the Tourtech TT-22M Electric Kit (pictured).

For a full range of kits click here:

For a full range of Gifts for Drummers and Drum Accessories, click below:

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The TOURTECH TT-16S Electronic Drum Kit is a very inexpensive kit that drummers of all levels will enjoy playing.

Electronic kits of this caliber rarely come as cheap as this and considering you have dual-channel snare and tom pads as well as crash & ride cymbals with ‘Choke’ functionality, 26 preset drum kits, 458 high-quality percussion voices and a module with record functionality you’ll be surprised at how much bang you get for your buck!

This is a great gift for the beginner drummer and the experienced drummers out there who want something to practice or record on without blowing out your windows.


Ok, now where getting into the higher tier gifts for drummers, but they’re totally worth it as they are high quality, very useful and will improve the musical life of the drummer you’re buying for.


TourTech Electronic Drum Kit


Practice pads are extremely important for drummers, but they tend to lack one vital component – a rim!

The major difference between this Keo Percussion Nicko McBrain Boomer Pad and regular practice pads is the fact it has a built-in rim for rimshots.

This is not a common feature to find on drum pads, but very important as it allows you to practice those rim shots when you’re hitting your snare.

It’s also an ace option for Iron Maiden fans!


Spare sets of hardware are always handy to keep around, but they don’t have to cost the earth!

The Yamaha Crosstown Lightweight Hardware set is affordable hardware set from a trusted name in drums.

In this kit you 2 x cymbal stands, a hi-hat stand, and a snare drum stand.

Ideal for any drummer.


If you’re buying a present for the drummer in your life and they like their music on the heavier side of the spectrum, a double kick pedal is a great option.

The Tama HP910LWN Speedcobra Twin Kick Drum Pedal is a professional level double kick pedal that will last a lifetime.

A long footboard helps to accelerate the power and speed of your beater stroke and reduces the amount of effort needed to hit those double speed bass strikes.


The DW 5000 Series Accelerator AD4 Single Pedal is basically the industry-standard kick drum pedal.

If you want to buy a kick drum pedal for the drummer in your life, this is a perfect option that they’ll appreciate and get years of use out of.

A little pricey but definitely worth the extra investment.


The Yamaha EAD10 Acoustic Electronic Drum Module is the ultimate gift for drummers out there who use a hybrid set up that’s part acoustic, part electronic.

This is ideal for the professional level drummers out there who need to be able to trigger samples and add effects to their kit without adding extra pads or replace any hardware.

There are 750 built-in samples and you can even record your drum sessions via the module too! A great way to add a new dimension to your kit.

Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Drum Module for Acoustic Drum Kits


The Vic Firth Stereo Isolation V2 Headphones are essential drum accessories and affordable gifts for drummers.

They provide superb isolation to ensure safe listening levels and are great for drummers to wear when practicing or playing live with click tracks or backing tracks.

The improved comfort design ensures they’re comfortable to wear even after extended period of playing and the -25dB reduction means you’re back to playing at safe levels.


The British Drum Co. 14 x 5.5 Merlin Snare Drum is an award-winning snare by one of the coolest drum companies in the world.

We love the Merlin snare as it features a Maple and Birch hybrid wood construction which has been crafted utilizing British Drum Company’s signature cold press molding process.

This means they are not only super strong and perfectly shaped but particularly clean and clear.

British Drum Co 14" x 5.5" Merlin Snare


We realise we’re pushing the boat out a bit here for this, but the Zildjian ZBT 5 Cymbal Set is one of the best gifts for drummers who are serious about their sound.

Buying cymbals separately can be extremely expensive, but with this cymbal pack, you get everything you need including high hates, a crash cymbal, a ride cymbal and a free 18" crash. 1 x ride and 2 x hi-hat cymbals.


The Meinl Make Your Own Cajon Baltic Birch Box Set is a great gift for drummers that like to go acoustic from time to time.

It also offers a more personal touch as they have the enjoyment of putting it together themselves and the option of finishing it in any way they like.

A cajon is an essential piece of equipment and at this price a great gift that won’t break the bank.

DIY Cajon Set


The Tourtech Pro Series Cymbal Caddy Case offers universal protection for your cymbals, hi-hats, ride cymbals and crash cymbals up to 22 inches.

This is a road-ready ABS exterior to keep your cymbals completely safe from bumps and knocks that can sometimes occur whilst you’re transporting your gear.

A comfortable carry handle, transport wheels, and internal foam padding are the icing on the cake.

Pro Quality Cymbal Case

Shop a full range of gifts for drummers and drum accessories over at PMT Online today or call into your dedicated PMT house of drums store to speak to our expert drummers about your needs.

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