DW 5000 Series Accelerator AD4 Single Pedal
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DW 5000 AD4 Accelerator Single Bass Drum Pedal

by DW
The DW 5000 AD4 Accelerator Single Bass Drum Pedal is the baby brother of the 9000 pedal and is just as popular. An industry standard, this ..

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The DW 5000 AD4 Accelerator Single Bass Drum Pedal is the baby brother of the 9000 pedal and is just as popular. An industry standard, this pedal established DW’s reputation for innovation and quality.

DW 5000 AD4 Pedal

The DW 5000 series of hardware was designed to offer heavy-duty professional quality hardware at an affordable price. DW 5000 is a stripped down version of the higher end 9000 series and features fewer bells and whistles to offer a simple, no-nonsense quality hardware range that won’t break the bank.

Unique Drive Systems

The DW 5000 single bass drum pedal is available in two different configurations. The most popular of the two is the accelerator. The two drive systems provide you with the ability to select the response of your choice. Whether you want increased speed or a more consistent feel, the different drive systems give you the option to choose.

The DW 5000 Accelerator single pedal, offered here, works to increase the velocity of the beater movement by shortening the length of the stroke, essenitally creating a quicker acceleration of the beater towards the batter head. This results in a response with increased speed and sensitivity.

There is, however, another DW 5000 pedal option in the form of the DW 5000 TD4 Turbo single pedal. This option maintains a consistent feel throughout the pedal movement and as a result creates a more solid playing feel with a powerful, consistent response.

Neither is better than the other, it’s simply a case of which you prefer the feel of. If you’re unsure which would be best for you, you can always visit one of our 15 stores around the UK to try out the pedals instore. Our in-store drum experts will be happy to help you. You can find your nearest PMT store here.

Dual Bearing Spring Rocker

The DW 5000 Accelerator pedal features a dual bearing spring rocker that has been designed by DW to deliver ultimate smoothness.

The dual bearing rocker features one bearing at the top and one at the bottom of the bass drum tension spring.

This means that the bearings move freely at both ends of the tension spring to create the smoothest of responses when it comes to converting the movement of your foot into the beat of the bass drum.

This pedal has a seriously silky smooth response, which is why it’s one of the most popular bass drum pedals in the world.

Delta Ball Bearing Hinge

The DW 5000 single pedal also features a state of the art, lightweight aluminium ball bearing hinge that connects the footplate to the base of the pedal.

This adds to the smoothness of the pedal response by incorporating ball bearings on both sides of the hinge for a truly smooth footboard movement and a quick responsive playing feel.

This feature combined with the dual bearing spring rocker makes for an extremely smooth pedal.

Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp

One of the newest additions to the last DW 5000 upgrade was the inclusion of a tri-pivot toe clamp.

This design features a clamp that incorporates 3 rubber pads that move independently in a 360-degree rotation.

The pads allow the clamp to firmly grip almost any diameter and thickness of bass drum hoop with zero movement.

Once you’ve set the DW 5000 in place it will stay reliably and securely where you position it to ensure a consistent playing feel throughout your gig or rehearsal.

Non-Skid Rubber Grip

The second new feature to be added to the DW 5000 kick drum pedal is the non-skid rubber grip which has been applied to the base of the pedal board to ensure the pedal stays planted where you place.

This new addition works to increase stability and to create a stronger connection between the drummer and the bass drum.

There’s nothing worse than having to constantly reposition your bass drum pedal because it keeps coming loose.

With the toe clamp and the non-slip rubber base, the 5000 single pedal will remain in place no matter how vigorously you play.

Two Way Beater

As standard, this DW bass drum pedal comes fitted with an SM101 two-way bass drum beater which features a plastic side and a felt side.

The double-sided beater gives you the choice of attacking, impactful tone from the hard plastic beater or a softer, smoother attack from the felt side.


There’s a reason why the DW 5000 bass drum pedal is an industry standard that is well loved by professional artists and amateur hobbyists alike.

It’s because it feels great to play. Simple as that.

It’s ball bearing hinge and dual bearing spring rocker serve to create a super smooth response, while the tri-pivot toe clamp and non-skid rubber grip ensure secure positioning.

With its robust design and innovative features, the DW 5000 pedal is a superb choice for drummers of all styles and skill levels. Buy it now!

DW 5000 AD4 Accelerator Single Bass Drum Pedal Key Features:

  • Unique Drive System
  • Delta Ball Bearing Hinge
  • Dual Bearing Spring Rocker
  • Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp
  • Non-Skid Rubber Grip
  • SM101 Two Way Beater


Weight (kg)2.9000
Series5000 Series

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