We round up our favourite budget-friendly music gifts for musicians to help you choose a great Christmas present, birthday present, valentine's gift or just something that says 'I Love You' in 2021.

Choosing a music gift or a Christmas present for the musicians in your life can be a little difficult sometimes. Where do you start? Are the guitar gifts you buy actually going to be used? Where can I get Christmas gifts for musicians?

These are probably questions you’ll be asking before the run up to December 25th! Fortunately, here at PMT we stock a wide range of gifts for music lovers, music gifts and gifts for guitarists, drummers, keyboard players and more. But these aren’t just your run-of-the-mill, never to be used again gifts, these are great options for the beginner musicians out there that may want to take up an instrument for the first time, add to their collection or a gift for yourself that you’ll actually want to use.


1. Guitar Starter Package

Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack

A Starter Package is a great option for those considering learning to play a stringed instrument like an Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass or Ukulele.


PMT Expert Picks:

The Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack has been designed for guitarists of all levels as it is comfortable and easy to play. These guitars are originally designed and produced by Gibson, so it makes it a reliable option for beginners to start on their journey, at a reasonable price, whilst still offering the familiarity of a best-selling Electric Guitar.

In the box, you also get a great Practice Amp, Padded Gig Bag, Cable, Strap and Picks - so everything you need to start playing on the day.

Also Try:

Acoustic Guitars are a great option for any budding guitarist young and old. Traditionally a bit easier to pick up and learn on than an Electric Guitar, an Acoustic Guitar package is a great option for a first Guitar and doesn't require the electronic amplification. Just pick up and play!


2. Electronic Drum Kits

Electric Drums for Beginners

An Electronic Drum Kit makes for a great music gift, especially for those interested in learning drums for the first time. Electric Drums are ideal as they can be used with Headphones, are fairly portable, and you've got control over the sounds and backing tracks to learn with. It makes for a much more interactive, fun learning experience and won't annoy the neighbours!


PMT Expert Pick:

The TOURTECH TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit is an affordable electronic drum kit ideal for beginners and (quiet!) home practice. Don’t be fooled by its budget-friendly price tag, this is not a toy, but a drumming powerhouse able to help both beginners learn to play the drums in relative silence and allow intermediate to professional drummers hone their skills, lay down some tracks in the studio or jam with friends without the noise associated with an acoustic kit.

You have 20 preset drum kits to choose from as well as 20 different training songs to jam along to. There's also a built-in record function so you can hone your skills. This makes it ideal for learning or practising at home. The high-quality drum sounds are perfect for studio and live use too. 

Check out the rest of the Tourtech drum kits for those who need a budget-friendly option to start playing, including our all-in-one bundles including Accessories.



3. Headphone Amps & Mini Amps

Marshall MS-2C Micro Amplifier

Mini Amps are great for guitarists practicing at home as they don't take up too much space, can be stored away easily, and usually affordable. Most Mini Amps also have a Headphone Output so you can practice and rehearse in silence without annoying others. These make a great gift for Guitar players that may already have a larger amp to gig with.


PMT Expert Picks:

The new Fender Mustang Micro is an amazing piece of kit. This ingenious little device simply plugs into the 'Jack' socket on your Guitar, and offers simple controls over Amp tone, EQ, Effects and Volume. Simply plug-in to your Guitar, plug in some Earbuds or Headphones, and start rocking out to your heart's content. A must have gift for any Electric Guitar player this year!


For someone who doesn't mind a bit more volume, the Marshall Micro Amp series are a great gift idea. These MS-2 Micro amps look just like full-size amplifiers, but are small enough to be placed on almost any desk or flat surface, and take up far less space! An amazing gift that allows you to jam anywhere with a 9v battery operation or optional power supply.


4. Marshall Bluetooth Speakers

Marshall Emberton II Portable Speaker

Musicians will fall in love with the classic look and sound of Marshall Bluetooth Speakers, and they make a great gift for music lovers of all kinds.

PMT Expert Pick:

The Marshall Emberton II Portable Speaker is an ideal gift for musicians. It's a sleek, lightweight Bluetooth speaker emblazoned with the iconic Marshall logo.

It's built for taking out on the road with reliable controls, and with over 30 hours of portable playtime it can survive a weekend at a festival campfire.

Check out all of the other Marshall Bluetooth Speaker options below:


5. Studio Recording Bundles

Trumix Beginner Bundle

A home recording bundle/studio package is perfect for the musician who needs to record demos or podcasts at home, containing everything you need to kickstart your recording career.


PMT Expert Pick:

The Trumix Beginners Home Studio Pack in particular is the ultimate instrument recording package. This is a great music gift for home producers, singer-songwriters and Podcasters-to-be in need of high-quality, reliable recordings.

In the box, you get a Trumix TM-10 Audio Interface, Trumix AR5 Monitors, and Cables, so you can start recording vocals or instruments straight away.

Shop our full range of studio bundles below and find the perfect gift for the musician in your life:

6. USB DJ Controllers

Numark Party Mix II DJ Controller


For most modern DJs, a great starting point is with a USB DJ Controller. These handy devices replicate the 'traditional' DJ setup of two Turntables and a Mixer, instead allowing you to connect to a PC or Laptop and play the music on your computer. It's a great tool to learn the basic principles of DJing and getting to grips with DJ software.

USB DJ Controllers are great for rocking house parties, and are portable enough to be taken anywhere!


PMT Expert Pick:

The Numark Party Mix series is a fantastic entry-level USB DJ Controller for just starting out. The Party Mix II flawlessly integrates with Serato DJ Lite and Algorridim djay PRO AI, and you only need a set of DJ Headphones to go with it to start DJing out the box!

Pioneer DJ and Native Instruments are the 'industry standard' DJ Controllers, and their gear is featured in the top superclubs around the world. Check out the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S3 for a professional-grade DJ Controller that comes with Traktor DJ software.

7. Headphones

Trumix SDH-50 Headphones

Musicians and music lovers want to be able to hear their favourite songs with the best quality possible - which is why a pair of hi-fi headphones can make a great gift!

They're also a thoughtful option for DJs, recording artists, producers and more.


PMT Expert Picks:

The Trumix SDH-50 Headphones are our favourite option for gifting.

They offer a premium sound that musicians will love, and they're constructed with soft vegan leather that offers supreme comfort even during the longest of listening sessions.

With punchy bass response and foldable ear cups, they're great for DJs and people who record on location - or even just for listening to music whilst travelling.

Find all of our headphones at the button below:

8. Effects Pedals

Numark Mixtrack Pro FX DJ Controller


Any keen guitarist will need some FX Pedals to get the sound of their favourite player, or craft their own signature tones. Landord FX pedals are a great stocking filler for Christmas and start from as little as £30.

Why not pick up a Pedalboard to go with it to keep their precious pedals safe and sound? Pedal Boards are an essential accessory for anyone playing with effects on Stage or in the Studio.


PMT Expert Pick:

One of our most-requested Guitar Effects pedals of 2021 is the Line 6 Helix series. These multi-effects processors are popular with more experienced Guitarists, but they also offer cheaper versions for newer players like the Line 6 HX Stomp Pedal. With hundreds of amp models and effects in one box, this is a guaranteed Gift Win for any Guitarist or Bass Player. It works with everything and sounds awesome!

Alternatively, if you need something cheap and cheerful, check out Zoom's range of Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals for a budget-friendly option with a wide range of effects in one unit.



9. Ukuleles

Ferndale UC-W Concert Ukulele, Walnut

The humble Ukulele has seen a resurgence in recent history. Ukuleles are a fantastic option as a starter instrument, as they are a bit easier to play than a full-sized Acoustic Guitar, making them ideal for younger children too.

PMT Expert Pick:

Ferndale Ukuleles are our top pick for gifting in 2022.

Built with an obsessive focus on quality over gimmicks, they offer the best playing experience on a budget.

The Ferndale UC-W Concert Ukulele in Walnut is an awesome example of the stunning looks these instruments display - but they also sound amazing, too.

Check out the full range of ukuleles at PMT below:

10. Brand Merch

Taylor 24 Bar Stool Brown
Zildjian Heathered Blue T-Shirt

Musicians love to show off their favourite music brands to the world - and at PMT we stock some awesome different bits of merch so they can do just that.

PMT Expert Pick:

The Taylor 24 Bar Stool is an eye-catching addition to any music room, and is built with the quality you'd expect from such an esteemed brand.

It's easy to set-up, extra-comfortable for sitting in and playing, and makes a great gift for guitarists.

Drummers will love the range of Zildjian merch available at PMT, including hoodies and T-Shirts that are stylish and comfortable for wearing on-stage.

Check out more here:

11. Synthesizers

Korg Volca Keys Mini Synth

Synthesizers are an essential addition to any music producer's studio. Synths are usually available in a traditional 'Keyboard' format, or without keys as a Desktop-style synth for pro users.

However, for those just starting out, you can get quirky smaller synthesizers that don't require any expertise to start Sound Design or creating music.

PMT Expert Pick

The Korg Volca Series are fantastic little synthesizers and music making machines that are totally fun to play. They’re also extremely budget-friendly, making great stocking fillers.

The Roland AIRA Compacts are also a great Gift Idea for any budding musician or music producer - portable mini synths that are great fun to play.


12. Ear Plugs

Alpine MusicSafe Pro Earplugs Black In Case

Whether the person you’re buying for is a musician or they just love going to gigs, a good set of headphones is a great gift. Your hearing is important, so it’s paramount that you look after it. However, if you’ve used cheap, throwaway headphones before, you’ll understand that those terrible things ruin the sound!

PMT Expert Pick

The good thing about the Alpine MusicSafe Pro Earplugs is that they filter out the damaging frequencies and reduce the decibel level to a safe level but allow all the good stuff to reach your ears! You can still hear everything, it’s just clearer and a little lower in volume. A great gift for music lovers that is totally budget friendly.

Browse our full selection of Alpine Ear Plugs for Adults, Children and Babies.

Christmas Stocking Fillers

As well as 'main gifts', we also stock a massive range of essentials and accessories great for making up a Stocking this festive period. Here are some top tips no musician should be without!


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