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Browse our selection of Guitar Amps for Electric and Electro-Acoustic Guitars, available to try in-store near you at your local PMT 'House of Rock'!

With a wide range of Guitar Combos, Amp Heads, Mini Amps, and Acoustic Guitar Amps available from top brands like Orange, Marshall, Fender, Vox, and Blackstar, plus many more.

The guitar amp is an essential element of your sound, arguably as important as - or even more so than the guitar itself, and choosing the right amp for you is essential. At PMT Online we stock major brands such as Marshall, Fender, Vox, Orange, Line 6, Peavey, and Blackstar, so you'll find a wide selection of all the best guitar amps to suit any need: jamming at home, recording in the studio or playing live. 


If you're wondering how to choose a guitar amp then it's important to remember that size isn't everything! If you're looking for an amp just to play at home or to record, a small guitar combo or even a mini amp (also great for busking) will do. For recording, 5w valve/tube amps are a very popular choice. And, increasingly, brands are releasing amps that can double as mp3 speakers and which can be controlled via Bluetooth - a great choice for the more casual players who want a guitar amp to suit their lifestyle, and without taking too much space. But if you want to rock out and play at gigs, then nothing beats a loud combo amplifier or, even better, a stack comprising of Guitar Head + Speaker Cabinet, like all the great guitarists used to do in the golden age of rock'n'roll - Hendrix, Clapton, Page and so on! Acoustic-Amps are specially designed to be used with electro-acoustic guitars.


Valve amps (also known as Tube amps) are the most traditional kind of amp, and still widely regarded as the best - and still the most popular amongst the pros. These particular guitar amps provide a more natural distortion, more pleasant harmonics and a sound that most players would describe as "warmer" than a solid-state amps. Several tube amps from the past still remain today, and the Vox AC30, Fender Twin Reverb, Marshall JTM45 and Bluesbreaker are now iconic symbols of rock'n'roll history. However, modern developments have taken solid-state amps to a whole new level, and the best models can sound very close to the tone of tube amps. Solid-state amps are also often lighter and cheaper than valve amps, a reason why they're the best choice for beginners. We recommend spending some time in store and trying out a range of guitars amps so you can hear the differences and find the best option for your needs.


Call into your local PMT store for expert advice on a full range of guitar amps. We stock a massive selection of guitar amplifiers from the world's leading brands. Whether you need a beginner guitar amp, something for smaller gigs or a guitar amp for the stages and festivals of the world, we've got you covered!

Guitar Amp FAQs

  • What kind of guitar amp is right for me?

    Pick a guitar amp based on what sort of sound you are aiming for. By taking a look at what some of your favourite bands and guitarists are using you can get a good idea of the type of amplifier you need.
  • What size guitar amp is best for me?

    Choose the size of your amplifier based on how you plan to use it. For practicing at home, pick something under 20w. If you are gigging at small venues, 20-50w will suffice, and anything bigger will probably be best for larger venues.
  • How do I connect two guitar amps together?

    The easiest way to use two guitar amps is with an A/B/Y switch. This allows you to play through either amp (A or B) or both (Y).
  • Can I use a guitar amp for electronic drums?

    Whilst this is possible, it is not advisable due to the extended range of frequencies that will be produced by an electronic drum kit. Guitar amps are designed to handle a specific set of frequencies and they can be damaged by those outside of this range.
  • Should I get a combo amp or head amp?

    Guitar heads must be used with a matching cabinet in order to produce a sound. If you use a cabinet, an amplifier head will be what you need. A combo contains both an amplifier and a speaker and therefore can be used just with the guitar.
  • What are the best inexpensive guitar amps?

    Some of the best inexpensive guitar amps are produced by Fender, Marshall, Blackstar, BOSS, and Vox.