Guitar Amp Accessories

Accessories make the difference between a standard rig and a supercharged setup. Shop our awesome selection of Footswitches, Amp Covers, and Parts today and send your tone into a new dimension.


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If you've already dialled-in the perfect set of tones but just need an easier way to switch between them, then a Footswitch is a brilliant investment. Easily integrated into your existing pedalboard setup, a good footswitch will allow you to flick between amp channels without any of the hassle. This means you can control the sound of your amplifier from the front of the stage and concentrate completely on your next big solo.

Tubes and Tone Capsules

If your valve amplifier is sounding a little tired, it might need a new set of tubes. A new set of tubes can reinvigorate your amp and offer differences in the way that your natural overdrive occurs - some sound more saturated, others need a little more pushing, and some are designed for the most hi-gain of tones. Over time you might discover that you have a favourite tube tone, but try some different ones out to find the best types for you!

Tone Capsules are bits of circuity that alter the sound of your amp in the same way that changing a tube might do. If your solid state amp uses a Tone Capsule, try out a new one and see how it changes up the responsiveness and feel of your amp - you might find your new favourite tone!