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The PMT 'House of Drums' is your one-stop shop for all Acoustic and Electric Drum Kits, Cymbals, drum hardware, drumsticks, drum cases, drum hardware bags, drumheads, and drum accessories.

Whether you need beginner drums, intermediate drums, or a professional drum kit we have drum equipment for all skill levels and budgets.

We stock a wide range of drum products from the world's biggest names including Tourtech, Paiste, Mapex, Vic Firth, Natal, Yamaha, Protection Racket, Vater, Evans, Promark, Puresound, Zildjian, Tama, Aquarian, Gretsch, Drum Workshop, Latin Percussion, British Drum Company, Keo Percussion, Remo, Pearl, Sabian, Roland, Ludwig, Alesis, Meinl, and Sonor.


The driving force of the band, the part of the music that gets everyone tapping their feet and up dancing, the drums are the heart of the music. That’s why as a drummer it’s important to find the drum kit that perfectly fits your sound, suits your style and feels great to play.

We stock a full range of acoustic drum kits here at PMT. From big progressive rock drum kits to compact jazz drums, we stock a plethora of options to cater to all playing styles.

Whether you want a super small setup of drum shell packs for easy transportation to gigs or need the full depth of tone to capture your sound in the recording studio there’s a drum kit for you at PMT House of Drums.


We stock a huge range of electronic drum kits here at PMT online and in our PMT store. Our collection of electronic drums caters to all levels and abilities, from beginner drum kits to professional level electric drum kits.

When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck it doesn’t come much better than TourTech Electronic Drums. Starting at a remarkably cheap £199, the TourTech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit is a superb beginner drum kit for entry-level drummers. The flagship model in the TourTech drums line is the TourTech TT-22M Electronic Drum Kit which offers superb value for money and functionality that is unseen on kits in this price range.

In addition to TourTech, we also stock Roland Electronic Drums including the phenomenally popular Roland TD-17KVX, to the top of the range the Roland TD-50KVX.

We also stock the Yamaha DTX range of electronic drum kits which includes the Yamaha DTX452KYamaha DTX532K and the Yamaha DTX920K Electronic Drums.

So, whether you want a simple electric kit for compact, quiet home practice or want a pro electronic kit for gigging, there are plenty of options to choose from at PMT.


Although it may not be overly glamorous, drum hardware is the foundation of a successfully working drum kit. At PMT we offer a range of cymbal standssnare standskick pedals and more drum hardware options to help your build your ideal drum kit.

Whether you’re looking for a cowbell mount or need a full drum hardware set there’s an extensive range of products for you to check out at PMT.


Drummers know you can never have too many snare drums. The centrepiece of the drum kit, the snare is the backbeat that keeps the audience clapping and your music moving. Whether you prefer a metal snare drum, a wood snare drum or like something a little different like an acrylic snare, there are numerous brands to choose from with a wide range of snares available.

We also have a variety of Gretsch Snare Drums, Yamaha Snare Drums, Sonor Snare Drums, British Drum Co Snare Drums and DW Snare Drums.


Whether you’re looking to expand your sound with an electronic drum pad or simply need some new drumheads before heading into the studio, our wide range of drum accessories has you covered.

PMT offers a large choice of drum sticks, drum heads, bags and hard cases, practice pads, drum mats, electronic drum modules, electronic drum amps, drum triggers, drum cleaning products, snare wires, drum keys and drum parts.

We also offer Vater drumsticks, Zildjian drumsticks, Meinl sticks and brushes, and Promark drumsticks amongst others.

Remo drumheads, Aquarian drumheads,  Code drumheads, Evans drumheads; whichever your go-to drumheads are we have many, many options for you to choose between.


  • How much do drum kits cost?

    Beginner drum kits tend to start at around £300 for a junior-sized set-up with shells, cymbals, and stands. From here you can add and upgrade as you need to.
  • What other accessories do I need with a drum kit?

    Popular drum accessories include cases, pads, sticks, mats, and triggers.
  • How do you tune a drum kit?

    A drum kit is tuned by using a Drum Key to adjust the lugs on the instrument and tighten or loosen the heads to the required pitch.
  • How do you clean a drum kit?

    To clean a drum kit you should disassemble it first. Then you can brush it off, polish it, and wipe it down before reassembling it.