Established over 100 years ago, Michail Toomas Paiste and his son began manufacturing cymbals in 1917 and quickly began developing Turkish style cymbals for the drum kit, as opposed to the Chinese style cymbals they’d made originally.

This Swiss family-run company is now managed by the JORG group and continues to pioneer and introduce exciting world-class cymbals.
Continually pushing forwards to ensure they stay at the cutting edge of cymbal production, Paiste is built on innovation. Many of today’s standard production techniques are only in existence because of Paiste.

The Gong, Flat Ride cymbal, Sound Edge Hi-Hat, the use of BB-Bronze as an alloy and the Bell on China Cymbals are all innovations by Paiste.
Utilising years of experience, Swiss Craftsmen adopt advanced production techniques to continually create new and interesting sound options for modern drummers. Using a variety of lathing and hand hammering techniques to painstakingly craft original sounds for drummers around the world.

Paiste have an established well-respected tradition that they continue to build on with unique and creative cymbals for drummers of all skill levels and styles.
Favoured by amateurs and professionals alike, Paiste have worked with some of the biggest names in drumming, across all genres, to produce innovative musical sound sources.


Paiste’s aim is to continually create new sounds with cymbals, gongs and bronze percussion instruments to meet the needs of all drummers and percussionists.

Building on their life-long experience and deep knowledge of sound, Paiste utilises painstaking craftsmanship and intensive experimentation to consistently deliver a range of high-quality, expressive sound options for the modern drummer.

Using meticulous research, Paiste has developed processes to guarantee consistency in sound, producing unique and specific sounds in response to the needs of today’s musicians.

From the firing department, and the hammering and lathing process through to the finishing department and quality control Paiste maintain the highest level of cymbal production to allow you to expand your sound spectrum.

Paiste hopes to create new sound dimensions and new sound possibilities to help you achieve your most expressive, creative musical identity.

Today’s modern music consists of a blend of many styles. There are no longer limits to creativity and Paiste tries to match the modern demands of versatile drummers by producing a cymbal range that covers the most diverse musical needs.

From the first use of a Turkish style bell on a China cymbal in 1949 to the invention of Sound Edge wavy edge bottom hi-hat cymbal and the bell-less flat ride in 1967/68, Paiste has always been at the forefront of innovation.

1989 also saw the introduction of the unlathed hammered RUDE cymbal range which delivered a distinctive original punk and metal tone.

Later in 1984, Paiste was the first to use a colour coating on cymbals to produce an eye-catching range of awesome sounding cymbals that grabbed your eye as well as your ear. A technique they still use today in their Color Sound 900 series.

Today Paiste have a wide range of cymbals to cover the musical needs and budgets of drummers of all skill levels.

From the various Signature ranges and the Formula 602 series to the diversity of the Masters series to the rough elegance of the 900 Series, you’re sure to find the sound you require in the Paiste range.


It’s impossible to talk about Paiste cymbals without mentioning the legendary Paiste 2002 series.

One of the most successful and long-lasting cymbals ranges ever, the 2002 series helped to define the sound of a generation of drummers.

Ideal for a wide range of musical styles, but synonymous with rock, the Paiste 2002 cymbals deliver a beautifully clear, warm, strong musical tone with a high energy sound, powerful projection and great precision.

If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to choosing Paiste cymbals the 2002s are a great place to begin.


If you want to branch out from the norm and are looking for some unique and innovative sound options that won’t break the bank the Paiste PSTX range is brilliant.

Consisting of a range of Swiss-style hi-hats, rides, crashes, stacks, splashes and bells the Paiste PSTx series delivers a range of creative tones to enhance your sound.

They sound awesome, they’re inexpensive and they push your creativity. What’s not to love!


The Paiste PST7 range delivers first-class manufacturing and high-quality sound in an affordable cymbal series.

Ideal for live performance, the Paiste PST 7 series offer a lively sound with a bright, traditional airy clean tone with great warmth and tonal definition.


If you’re a new drummer looking to buy your first set of cymbals the Paiste 101 Brass is designed specifically with you in mind.

Brilliantly affordable Paiste 101 cymbals are great for all musical styles. They have a bright, crisp sound that’s perfect for live performance.

The range features rides, crashes and hi-hats to ensure you have all the essentials you need to set off on the right path in your drumming journey.

So, whether you’re looking for a traditional rock sound, want some unique and diverse effects cymbals or you’re a new drummer looking to buy your first high quality set Paiste to have a brilliant variety of options to choose from.


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