Sabian was founded in the spirit of experimentation back in 1981, creating new cymbal designs with roots in the oldest cymbal traditions. Offering some of the most innovative cymbals out there, as well as the AAXHHX and B8 staples for a wide range. Sabian is extensively used by famous artists such as Chad Smith, Bill Ward, Neil Peart and hundreds more.


For drummers after some high-end gear Sabian have the likes of the Paragon series for hard hitting sounds and the Artisan cymbals, lush and beautiful examples of the finest craftsmanship. All drummers naturally want to find that perfect set of cymbals to suit their play styles, thankfully Sabian has a massive catalogue of cymbal models for drummers and percussionists of all play styles and genres. Sabian’s catalogue includes a wide range of crashes, rides and splashes, concert gongs, mallets, cymbals for small and medium size kits up to full concert size sets and many more percussion instruments.


Sabian’s range of percussion equipment ranges from the Sabian Vault Artisan series, producing a similar sound to Turkish cymbals and a great all-rounder for small to medium size kits. The Sabian AAX X-plosion hi-hats and crashes are great for producing the sound needed to fill a gig venue or concert hall. Going smaller the HH series provide all the raw power and attack needed to fill your home, garage or a small venue.


2017 saw the release of the fantastic new range for the Artisan series, taking the set down a more darker and dirtier route. The new Sabian Artisan Elite/Light Hats gear has a drier, lower tone than the previous Artisan iterations as well as providing smooth and harmonious overtones, meaning players who are looking for a versatile cymbal that can also use these to incorporate new sounds and styles into their repertoire. The new AAX Aero is all about high-end cut, sporting a natural decay and a perfect delivery of musical effect with white noise compared to the Sabian O-Zone splashes. The recently released Mini Holy China range was designed in close collaboration with famous drummer Chad Smith, specifically designed to deliver the type of white noise you commonly hear from bigger cymbals due to the increase in trash. The Mini Holy China range delivers more bang for your buck, meaning they’re a staple part for any drummer’s kit who wants to produce a variety of sounds.


The newest 16” and 18” Ballistic Crashes were created using a new hammer technique by Sabian that gives the Ballistic Crash set a funky aggressive attack, capable of generating a high-pitched noise whilst maintaining that lovely musical sound Sabian sets are known for. Similar to the HHX X-Treme, the bottom-based hammering pattern has helped create a flexible and responsive cymbal that opens up quickly and easily, also resulting in an upwardly directional pitch bend and a nice trashy crash sound.

Robert Zildjian felt that drummers needed a better choice of cymbals. Thanks to Robert and everybody involved with Sabian, his dream has well and truly been fulfilled. Sabian remain the to-go-to drummer’s choice, for novice to professional drummers alike.


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