Founded by Roland Meinl in 1951, the Meinl Company began its life as a manufacturer of wind instruments.

It quickly branched out into the world of cymbal production creating its first cymbal in 1952.

The whole ethos of Meinl is to be different and to stand out from the norm.

They pride themselves on producing products that are designed and made by drummers for drummers. They’re one of us!

So much so, if someone is not a drummer when they start working for Meinl, they will pay for them to have drum lessons!

That way they understand the needs of drummers and have a better knowledge of why they’re doing the things they do. They don’t just consider it a standard 9 to 5 job, they’re passionate about creating the most interesting and innovative products possible.

It’s this dedication to drumming that makes all the difference when it comes to Meinl’s products.

Always looking to create new and exciting innovations in both design and production, Meinl continues to strive to achieve new ground-breaking cymbals and percussion instruments to allow drummers to find their own individual sound and playing style.

Meinl sight one of their greatest achievements to date to be the friendships and trust they have with drummers: Working with friends within the industry to create truly unique sounds and gaining the trust of drummers around the world who believe in Meinl to deliver high quality, amazing sounding cymbals and percussion instruments.

Consisting of a team of experienced and motivated individuals who are all drummers themselves, Meinl hopes to create a range of new sounds and playing feels designed to inspire drummers to shape and hone their own personal playing identity.

Meinl maintains respect for the tradition of cymbal making while keeping a constant focus on the future in order to continue producing a wide range of innovative instruments to inspire creative playing.


Meinl was the first cymbal manufacture to use 4 types of bronze in their cymbal making, allowing them to offer a wide variety of traditional and modern sounds.

Today, Meinl use a range of 6 different alloys in crafting their cymbals, which is more than any other cymbal maker. This allows them to produce the widest selection of basic cymbal sound characteristics.

Add to that the vast range of varieties based on those basic sounds and you can see how Meinl has achieved such a wide-ranging array of cymbal tones.

They’re constantly striving for the realisation of any possible sound idea. Whether that be to create a strong range of cymbal tones to cover all playing styles and musical genres or working with well-known artists to achieve specific sounds for an individual purpose.

From the affordable entry-level MCS and HCS options to the clarity of the Pure Alloy series and the darkness of the Byzance range, Meinl has a sound for every drummer.


Meinl Byzance Cymbals series definitely took the drum world by storm!

Consisting of “six degrees of darkness” this unbelievably popular range of Meinl cymbals includes 6 different families each offering a varying tonal characteristic.

Delivering a warmth to its dark tone the Byzance Traditional series includes the top-selling 21” Polyphonic Ride which offers a superbly sensuous buttery tone.

Next in line is the Byzance Vintage range which is home to the massively popular Benny Greb Signature Sand Models. From the 14” Sand Hats and 18” Sand Crashes to the 20” and 22” Sand Rides, drummers can’t seem to get enough of that Greb signature sound.

There’s also the Byzance Jazz series where you’ll find a range of quintessential smooth jazz, vibes and the Byzance Extra Dry collection which includes the massively popular Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 18” Dual Crash Cymbal and the Mike Johnston Signature 21” Transition Ride.

Completing the Byzance Cymbal series are the intensely dark Byzance Dark and the surprisingly darker Byzance Brilliant ranges.

In addition to the stunning Byzance series, Meinl also has the shimmering clarity of the Pure Alloy range, clarity and cut of the Classic series which features the varying volumes of the Meinl Classics, Classics Custom Brilliant, Classics Custom Dark and the aggressive roaring tone of the Classics Custom Extreme Metal Series.

There’s also the superb entry-level Meinl MCS and Meinl HCS ranges designed to set your drumming adventure off on the right path, with high-quality cymbal tones at a great affordable price.

Add to that the Meinl Generation X range packed with fun and innovative effects cymbals and that completes an amazingly versatile cymbal range that’s guaranteed to deliver whatever cymbal sound you require.


Interspersed within the wide range of cymbals that Meinl offer are a variety of artist and signature cymbals.

Designed in conjunction with the drummer, these products were created to meet the specific requirements of the artist to achieve the exact sound they had in mind.

From the Anika Nilles Deep Hats and the Benny Greb Crasher Hats to the Matt Garstka Fat Stack, the Luke Holland Bullet Stack, the Thomas Lang Super Stack and the Matt Halpern Double Down Stack, there is a range of signature cymbals designed to help inspire you to achieve your ideal playing sound.


Meinl has also recently delved into the world of drumsticks and brushes, releasing a line of drumming products designed to help you achieve a comfortable playing feel and a specific sound response.

Meinl specifically developed a small range of sticks with a very narrow weight range and density to ensure a consistent production so that your favourite sticks feel the same with every pair you pick up.

From the standard 7A, 5A, and 5B options of the Meinl Standard, Standard Long and Hybrid ranges to the more specific feels of the Meinl Heavy Sticks and the Meinl Big Apple Drumsticks and finally the Meinl Concert sticks for specific percussion playing.

This clear and focused line of drum sticks offers a well-thought-out, no-nonsense range of essential, popular drumstick sizes to ensure all the ideal bases are covered to a high standard.

Meinl has also included a range of Multirods, Wire and Nylon Drum Brushes and Cajon Brushes in their range to deliver even more sound playing options.

Add to that the Meinl Mallets and this range makes for a thorough drumstick and brush series that’s sure to cover the needs of drummers of all styles.


Meinl doesn’t just produce amazing cymbals and sticks though, they also deliver a very wide range of percussion instruments.

From their extensive range of Cajons to bongos, congas, djembes, hand drums, tambourines, timbales, cabasas, woodblocks, claves and shakers, Meinl have a massive variety of percussion instruments to fulfil the needs of the most specific percussionists.


To top it off Meinl also has a variety of cymbal and stick bags, practice pads and drum rugs, as well as innovative drum kit accessories to add a touch of finesse to your sound.

From the Drum Honey dampening gel and the innovative Meinl Cymbal Tuners to the brilliantly popular Meinl Ching Ring, there’s an ideal gift for drummers of all abilities.

So, whether you’re looking for a specific cymbal sound, want a consistent feeling drumstick, require a percussion instrument or want to treat yourself or your best drum bud to a drum accessory, Meinl has an extensive range of products for you to choose from.


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