Meinl Byzance Tradition 21" Polyphonic Ride Cymbal
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Meinl Byzance Traditional 21" Polyphonic Ride

by Meinl
The Meinl Byzance Traditional 21” Polyphonic Ride Cymbal adds a warm, smooth character to this popular Meinl range. Offering a smooth butt..

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The Meinl Byzance Traditional 21” Polyphonic Ride Cymbal adds a warm, smooth character to this popular Meinl range. Offering a smooth buttery feel with a luscious washy sustain, a weighty bell tone and a flourishing crash sound, it’s clear to see why this is a best-seller.

Meinl Byzance Polyphonic Ride

The 21” Traditional Polyphonic Ride fits perfectly into the Byzance range, meeting the standard that drummers have come to expect from this very popular cymbal series.

Meinl Byzance Traditional 21” Polyphonic Ride Cymbal Specifications:

  • Soft Buttery Ride Sound
  • Washy Medium Sustain
  • Full, Warm Crash
  • Clear, Weighty Bell Tone

Hammered and Lathed

Featuring a striking blend of hammered and lathed surfaces the Meinl Byzance Polyphonic Ride is in keeping with the traditional style of cymbal making but is anything but the norm when it comes to sound.

The body of the ride offers a silky-smooth lathed finish to deliver a lusciously soft sound, while the bell is hammered to produce a chunky, clear tone.

Buttery Beauty

Playing the shoulder of the Meinl Polyphonic ride reveals a beautiful buttery soft sound with a smooth pinging response.

Ideal for a wide range of genres and styles, this Meinl ride cymbal delivers a superbly musical sound packed with shimmering tone.

Silky Sustain

Beneath the buttery stick response of this 21” Polyphonic ride hides a luscious warm and washy medium sustain.

Offering a truly responsive sound, this ride cymbal reacts accordingly to the lightest of touches through to the hardest of hits, providing a brilliantly dynamic tone.

Comforting Crash

Playing the edge of this Meinl Byzance Traditional Ride unleashes a stunning, full, warm, swelling crash sound.

Blossoming into a beautiful burst of comforting warmth, this ride cymbal delivers a large, weighty crash tone.

The Meinl Byzance Polyphonic Ride is available in a range of weights which results in a variety of crash responses.

From a dark shimmering crash in thinner models to a more powerful focused sound in heavier options.

If you want to try out a Meinl Byzance Traditional Polyphonic Ride to check it’s the right sound for you, head to your Local PMT Store today.

Perfect for sophisticated musical accents, the Meinl Polyphonic Ride delivers a crash sound with class, whatever the weight.
Clear, Weighty Bell

The hammered bell of the Meinl 21” Polyphonic ride produces a clear, weighty tone making it ideal for cutting accents.

Delivering a robust, fat, chunky sound, the bell of this Meinl ride is not overpowering or harsh. Instead it provides a tone variation that remains in keeping with the overall sophisticated sound of the ride.


Offering a traditional tone while maintaining its own sonic individuality, the Polyphonic Ride is a stunning cymbal for use in a wide range of musical settings.

From the classy tone of jazz and big band, to the intricacy of funk and the diversity of pop, this ride cymbal has a sound for any situation.

Delivering a buttery soft, warm tone with a robust bell sound, swelling crash and a smooth sustain this ride provides a brilliant blend of tradition and versatility.

For a smooth, soft sophisticated ride sound buy the Meinl Byzance Tradition 21” Polyphonic Ride Cymbal today from PMT Online!

Meinl Byzance Traditional 21" Polyphonic Ride Key Features:

  • Styles - Rock, Pop, Fusion, Jazz, Funk, RnB, Reggae, Studio, World
  • Timbre - Mid-Bright
  • Character - Warm, Smooth
  • Pitch - High-Mid
  • Volume - Medium
  • Sustain - Medium
  • Finish - Traditional
  • Material - B20
  • Lathe - Narrow Blade


Weight (kg)2.0000
Cymbal Seriesbyzance traditional
Cymbal Typeride

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