Promark Drum Sticks combine innovation, excellence and sustainability with every stick, mallet and accessory they make. Considered the 'stick of choice' by top drummers and percussionists around the world, you can't go wrong with Promark.

Some of Promark's advanced stick designs include Heat-Activation and Promatch Technology, guaranteeing a reliable and consistent performance night after night.


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  • Who owns Promark?

    The parent company of Promark is D'addario.
  • Who uses Promark drumsticks?

    Promark has a diverse array of artists who use their products. Some notable musicians include Anderson .Paak, Neil Peart, and Eloy Casagrande.
  • Where are Promark drumsticks made?

    All aspects of design, production, and operation are run from the Promark HQ in Houston, Texas.