Originally founded in 1967 as Freedman Electronics by Henry Freedman, Rode Mics have since gone on to become a world leader in microphone manufacturing. Offering vocal microphones, instrument microphones, broadcast microphones and many other audio solutions for a plethora of professional applications Rode microphones are known as some of the best microphones in the industry.

Rode mics are widely used by all manner of musicians, performers, public speakers and studio owners thanks to the immense quality, reliability and of course, superior sound.


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Rode are predominantly known for their large-diaphragm condenser microphones such as the Rode NT1-A, the Rode NT1000 and the Rode NT2-A. More recently, Rode started to produce small diaphragm condenser microphones starting in the year 2000 with the Rode NT3 which was followed by the Rode NT4 stereo condenser microphone and the Rode NT5.


Rode dynamic microphones are also incredibly popular for use in live sound and broadcast audio. The Rode M1, for example, is a handheld vocal microphone that has been designed to withstand all the rigours of the road and perform night after night. The M1 – an industry-standard Rode Mic also comes in a version that features a lockable switch and is known as the Rode M1-S.


Entering the shotgun microphone market in 2005, Rode Microphones released the Rode NTG1 and Rode NTG2 microphones which are great microphones for broadcasting including film and TV production. These shotgun microphones developed by the team at Rode mics were followed shortly after by the Rode NTG3, bolstering their shotgun microphone line-up with a premium true condenser shotgun microphone. In 2012, Rode announced the NTG8 which is a long shotgun version of the Rode NTG3 and features enhanced directionality across the frequency spectrum.


The Rode VideoMic range, initially released in 2004, came about when Rode Microphones founder, Peter Freedman, required a high-quality microphone for his home video camera. The VideoMic range has been extremely popular with the 2012 Stereo VideoMic Pro, which offers a stereo audio recording option for DSLR filmmakers, winning a Design Award from the Australian International Design Awards.

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  • Does Rode VideoMic Go work with iPhone?

    Rode VideoMics will work with iPhone, however a separate cable is needed in order to connect them. Check the individual model specs to find out what cable you need.
  • Are Rode mics good?

    Rode mics are some of the most popular in the world due to their consistently high quality and suitability in a range of applications. The company produces mics for recording instruments, vocals, speech and podcasting, as well as dedicated camera mics.
  • Does Rode VideoMic Me work with Android?

    Yes - the Rode VideoMic Me works with Android devices.