PRS SE Guitars

PRS SE guitars include a wide range of budget-friendly and intermediate level guitars that make the perfect option for beginner players who don’t want to upgrade for many years, or those who want to make the jump from beginner to the stage.

PRS SE Guitars deliver phenomenal value for money, delivering the high-end playing feel of traditional PRS Guitars at a more accessible price point.


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PRS SE Guitars are typically made in South Korea. With slightly reduced manufacturing costs, it allows these guitars to be imported far cheaper, making them an economical choice for budget-conscious guitar players, without big compromises to playability and craftsmanship.

This means you get an amazing PRS guitar with performance level hardware, hand-picked tonewoods and the renowned PRS pickups that offer everything from crystal clear clean to the hard, grit infused rock sounds that have really put these guitars on the map.


The PRS SE Custom 24 guitars are perfect for when you’re ready to setup up your game and enter the world of pro-level guitars but you can’t stretch your budget to the regular Custom 24 line. The PRS SE Custom 24 series offers incredible playability that takes inspiration from the PRS Custom 24, but with a far more budget-friendly price tag.

These guitars feature limited-edition finishes, premium tonewoods and the same construction processes that have made PRS guitars so reliable. The incredibly versatile PRS SE Custom 24 guitars are ideal for a range of different musical genres and players of all musical styles.

The comfortable style necks, high-quality hardware that you can rely on and a range of coil-tapping humbuckers are installed to ensure you’re ready to attack any song you need to.

Lush playability, incredible price and professional level guitars we can all afford – the PRS SE Custom 24 range is perfect for the intermediates and professionals alike.


Each year, we are treated to a delightful new range of super affordable PRS SE Guitars, included a range of SE Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitars and of course, electric guitars! Brand new SE Custom 22, Custom 24, SE 245, Kestral Bass, PRS Limited Edition & signature models are all available across our stores around the UK. We've got hundreds of PRS SE Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars in stock ready for you to try.

Shop a full range of PRS SE standard 24 and PRS SE Custom 24 guitars over at PMT Online today or call into your local PMT store to view a full selection for yourself.


  • What does the SE mean in PRS SE Guitars?

    SE means Student Edition. These guitars were created to give Students and aspiring professionals the chance at owning a PRS guitar for a great price.
  • Are PRS SE Guitars good?

    Each and every PRS SE guitar is built using high grade components and materials, making them excellent value for money at every price point.