PRS guitars, synonymous with innovation, offer unmatched playability and tone. Crafted by Paul Reed Smith, these instruments are a blend of artistry and precision engineering. With stunning aesthetics and top-notch materials, PRS guitars guarantee exceptional sound and durability.

From the iconic Custom 24 to the versatile SE series, they cater to diverse musical styles. Renowned for their immaculate fretwork and ergonomic design, PRS guitars provide effortless performance. Elevate your sound with a PRS guitar – a symbol of craftsmanship, innovation, and sonic excellence that resonates with both amateurs and pros.


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  • Are PRS guitars any good?

    PRS guitars are built to an extremely high standard and are used by countless professionals around the world due to their quality.
  • Who plays PRS guitars?

    Some famous PRS players include Alex Lifeson, Carlos Santana, John Mayer, and Mark Holcomb.
  • Ho much do PRS guitars cost?

    The price of PRS uitars tends to start at around £4-500 and can cost upwards of £6000+ for the most high-end models.
  • Where are PRS guitars made?

    PRS guitars are built in Stevensville, Maryland at the Paul Reed Smith factory. SE models are built in Korea, offering many of the same features but at a lower price point.