PRS Limited Edition Guitars


The fact that PRS make high-quality guitars regardless of of their cost has never been disputed. As you get to the upper echelons in their price ranges though the quality, whilst already high, just seems to get better and better, and this is largely down to the materials used, with the PRS Private Stock category representing the highest quality of materials available, and the most personally crafted instruments / customisations that the company do.


In addition to the top tier Private Stock, there's the regular Ltd Run editions, where they take their standard US and SE models of guitars and affix them with something unusual: be it an exotic wood top, a limited run of artist signature series models or even just a special edition finish.

Here at PMT we are lucky enough to be able to stock and sell some of these instruments to you - we even recently sold an ultra-rare PRS Dragon MkIII guitar, a guitar that was limited to only 100 worldwide and cost almost £24,000! So check out our selection of special order, one-off and Ltd Run PRS Guitars available while limited stocks last!

Each of our Store Locations have a tempting wall of PRS Custom 24, SE, Limited Runs and Private Stock available. Shop for the full range below or contact your local PMT Store for more information!


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