Fender Guitar Amplifiers

Believe it or not, Leo Fender began building guitar amplifiers, building a name for himself by creating world-class guitar amplifiers before he ever put a tool to wood and started producing and designing the iconic guitars he's now known for. Since the first amplifiers were made in-house by the Fender Electric Instrument Company back in 1946, Fender amplifiers have become synonymous with live sound and professional performance.

Fender amplifiers are the ultimate goal for guitarists who want to get the best sound out of their guitar, practice at home, or play live.


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Fender Amps are the pinnacle of live sound, offering incredible tonality and versatility for players of all genres. Here at PMT Online and in-store, we have a full selection of different Fender amps to satisfy the needs of the most discerning musician. Whether you need a beginner guitar amp to use at home, a digital modeling amp to record or play live with an acoustic Fender amp, or a Pro Tube (valve) amplifier that you can crank to get that lush saturated sound, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever style of music you play, whatever type of Fender Amp you need, you can find the right one here at PMT.


We stock a full range of Fender digital modeling and solid-state amplifiers here at PMT online and across our UK-wide stores. We have everything you need to get the sound you want. The world-renowned Mustang GT amplifiers encompass a wide range of beautifully modeled guitar amps, speaker cabinets, and effects, essentially giving you a full studio’s worth of iconic amps and more in one easy-to-operate amplifier.

These amps respond beautifully and realistically to your guitar’s voice and the subtle nuance of your playing. They also react just like the original amps they model, so you only ever need one amp!

If you need a solid practice amp you can rely on, we recommend the Fender Frontman which packs all the essential sounds you need into one easy-to-use amplifier. We also stock the coveted Tone Master amplifiers, which recreate the iconic sounds of some of the most popular Fender Tube amps – highly recommended!


The range of Fender Pro Tube amplifiers is the soul of the Fender Amplifier range comprising classic amplifiers such as the Twin Reverb, Hot Rod Series, and the likes of the Bassbreaker Series and Blues Junior, not forgetting classics like the 68 Princeton and '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb, to name a few.

Whatever sound you’re looking for and whatever features you need, we’ll have the amp for you.


The range of Fender Acoustic amplifiers does a fantastic job of preserving the tone of your acoustic guitar. They make you sound natural! Not only do the Fender Acoustic amps preserve your tone, but they also bring out the best possible sound as they allow you to tweak parameters, add effects, and more.

We love the Acoustic 200 and Acoustic 100 amps as they offer guitarists the option of adding microphones and more line-level instruments – ideal for singer-songwriters. We also stock the Fender Acoustasonic series, Acoustic SFX, and Acoustic Pro amplifiers. Whatever your sound and live performance needs, we have got the Fender Acoustic amp that you need.


In addition to the mainline Fender Amps, we are also a proud stockist of the limited-edition special run amplifiers from Fender. These amps include special edition configurations like new colors, wood chassis, and reissues of classic Fender amplifiers.


  • Are Fender amplifiers any good?

    From the 1950s onwards, Fender amplifiers have helped to shape the very sound of modern popular music, and are still considered amongst the best available brands to this day.
  • Who are Fender amplifiers suitable for?

    Traditionally, Fender amplifiers are renowned for providing some of the best clean guitar tones out there - making them ideal pedal platforms, and perfect for players from all backgrounds, and all budget levels..