Whether you’re a podcaster, studio owner or home studio enthusiasts, the Aston Stealth needs to be on your radar by now. Here’s 5 reasons why you need to add this to your setup

aston stealth Leave it to the team at Aston to completely change the game again when it comes to microphones and completely blow our minds the addition of the Aston Stealth to their roster. This new dynamic microphone includes an array of handy features that not only set it apart from other microphones, but also open up studio quality recording to a world of different users and applications including voiceover, gaming, live performance, broadcast, studio, podcasting – absolutely everything. If you’re using microphones for any of those applications, here’s 5 reasons why you the Aston Stealth needs to be on your radar. aston stealth benefits

1. Built-in Class A Mic preamplifier

The Aston Stealth is first and foremost a large format dynamic microphone, but what sets it apart from any other large format dynamic microphones is the fact it has a Class A Mic Preamplifier built-in which completely eliminates the need for external (and expensive) gain lifters and preamps. It's essentially a portable studio quality mic pre in your hand.

2. Works with and without phantom power

The Aston Stealth microphone also works with and without phantom power. In fact, it has been designed with an in-built autodetect function which automatically senses 48V phantom power and activates the built-in preamp to get the best sound possible. When the autodetect kicks in, the microphone automatically boots up the mic pre and gives you 40dB of extra headroom, essentially doing what a studio quality pre-amp does, but internally, without the need for any extra gear. This is ideal for studio owners, home studio enthusiasts and anyone who might not have the luxury of using phantom power at all times.

3. The world’s first 4 voice microphone

The Aston Stealth is the world’s first 4 voice microphone, offering incredibly varied sonic qualities depending on the setting you choose. The Stealth has 2 vocal settings, which have been optimised for different vocal textures, a guitar setting which can handle everything from Electric guitar cabs to steel string acoustics, as well as a dark, vintage setting, which has been modelled on a vintage ribbon mic sound. These 4 voices have been developed in collaboration with 92 top engineers, producers and artists on the Aston 33 panel who participated in a series of blind listening tests to develop the best sounds humanly possible. All 4 voices can work in passive and active mode, and have been hardwired onto the PCB. All sound are analogue – nothing digital at all. Each voice has its own discreet circuit paths to ensure a varied and isolated sound – there’s no overlap here, so it’s like taking 4 microphones with you everywhere you go. You have 2 voices for vocals, 1 guitar, and 1 modelled on a vintage ribbon mic sound so it covers a lot of bases! aston stealth

4. Internal shock mount

As is typical with the entire Aston microphone range, the Aston Stealth is almost indestructible and has been designed to offer exceptional protection of the capsule so you don’t have to worry about damage. However, it’s the internal protection that also contributes to the sound quality thanks to the fact the internal shock mount is mass loaded, similar to the likes of a high-end speaker with a damping weight. A 250gram weight is attached to the capsule which allows it to perform better and considerably reduce movement. The whole capsule is suspended in mid-air by Sorbothane balls so it doesn’t touch the chassis at any point which means you don’t need a shock mount and you won’t suffer from any sounds creeping in due to acoustic vibration. In addition, the chassis features a design that allows the quick release stand mount to screw directly onto your microphone stand and mounts/dismount in a second.

5. Directional sound capture and excellent off axis (side) rejection

The Aston Stealth is a really directional endfire mic that offers virtually 100 percent side rejection. This means you can use the microphone in a myriad of different environments. The Aston Stealth is perfectly suited to live applications as well as multi-instrumental applications where regular dynamic microphones and condenser microphones may suffer. This makes it ideal for anybody whether they need a microphone for voiceover work, vlogging, gaming channels, live use, broadcasting and radio, studio use, podcasting and basically any environment where you need a microphone. So there you have it – 5 reasons why the Aston Stealth needs to be on your radar! Get on down to your local PMT store today to check them out in person or call our experts on 0151 448 2089 to discuss your studio and recording needs. aston stealth podcast microphone

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