Find out everything there is to know about Antiquity Guitars - the vintage-inspired guitar company that beginners and modern players are falling in love with

Getting the right guitar as a beginner can make or break your music career. The best starter guitars are inspiring to play, motivating first-time musicians to pick up their instrument and practice.

That’s why Antiquity Guitars are reimagining the past to inspire the musicians of tomorrow. Built with the same ethos that propelled Rock & Roll into the public eye at the dawn of the 1950s, these instruments offer beginners the chance to take their first steps into making history of their own.

Filled with character and endlessly playable, Antiquity combines electrifying sound with timeless design at a value that is unmatched, paying tribute to the most classic silhouettes and styles from the birth of Rock & Roll.

Intermediate musicians and experienced players will still appreciate the iconic design, sweet tone, and effortless playability of these instruments, making them awesome as a back-up and a handy studio option.

Let’s dig into the range..

Antiquity Guitars

The Antiquity range features some immediately recognisable shapes that supply all of the same tones you’d expect from such iconic styles, including:

There are also two inspiring bass styles to choose from, including:

Get to know the specs and features below..

Antiquity TL

The T-style guitar is synonymous with guitar legends such as Keith Richards, Jonny Greenwood, and Joe Strummer. They’re versatile and renowned for their awesome twang that has also made them famous in Country music, the Blues, and Emo music!

The Antiquity TL series offers the same articulated single coil sound that has made the T-style guitar a legend of the industry, with a playability that makes learning a breeze.

Whether you’re a rock purist or looking to experiment, the Antiquity TL gives you everything you need to get started and be inspired by the classic single-cutaway design.

There’s even a Thinline version you can check out, too.

Available in:

Antiquity ST

The Antiquity ST series gives modern players access to the sound of yesteryear, with a beautiful silhouette that calls to mind legends such as Hendrix, Buddy Holly, and Mark Knopfler.

A trio of sparkling single coil pickups help to deliver the tones that have been gracing hit records since the 1950s, with a vintage-style tremolo bridge for period-correct styling.

The double-cutaway S-style design in combination with the smooth, comfortable neck means that you can practise without tiring out your hands, getting to grips with both rhythm and lead playing.

Available in:

Antiquity 35

Taking inspiration from the first ever commercially-available semi-hollow guitar, the Antiquity 35 series is a beautiful homage to Rock & Roll’s heyday.

Still as popular as ever, the resonant sound of these instruments has found favour with Chuck Berry, Dave Grohl, and many more over the years.

With two covered humbuckers, you can bathe in the sweet clean tone or dial it up and listen to the resonant voice overdriven in all of its glory.

A truly stunning option for beginners and those on the hunt for a bargain semi-hollowbody!

Available in:

Antiquity LS

Another immaculate take on a guitar we all know and love, the Antiquity LS series is the perfect choice for fans of huge rock riffs and guitar solos.

The solid Mahogany body and Maple top are teamed up with a set-in neck that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere at this price.

The result is a singing tone that’s reminiscent of Jimmy Page, Slash, and Pete Townsend, and a guitar that is equally suited to subtle rhythm or soaring leads.

Beginner guitarists will struggle to put down this impressive instrument, and kids will spend days emulating their guitar heroes!

Available in:

  • Heritage Cherry Sunburst (LS1 and LSB models, plus Left-Handed LS1 and LSB models)
  • Black (LSC model)
  • Vintage Sunburst (LS1 and LSB models)

Antiquity GS

Once again Antiquity has treated us to a hard-rocking, super fun guitar that boasts a solid Mahogany construction with a set-in neck to boot.

The instantly-recognisable double-cutaway design has been the go-to guitar style for legends like Tony Iommi, Angus Young, and Stephen Malkmus, who have utilised the bell-like sound for a range of uses.

With a super-fast neck and epic covered humbuckers, you’re spoilt for choice with the GS series. Whether you want to push your tone to the extremes or pull out the delightful chiming clean sound, there’s enough here to take beginners to a professional level and beyond.

Available in:

Antiquity JZ

Offset guitars have long been the favourite of indie rockers. Whether it’s garage rock, shoegaze, alternative, or grunge, the tones on offer here will satisfy even the pickiest of players.

The JM-style pickups offer a voice that sits between the clarity of a standard single coil and the richness of a humbucker - something that has also made these offset models a hit with surf rockers over the years.

The JZ series from Antiquity stays true to everything great about the classic offset design, with a floating bridge tremolo system and contoured body for elite comfort and playability.

Available in:

Antiquity JB Bass

Antiquity has bass players covered too, with a selection of awesome instruments that supply the most revered sounds from across the history of popular music.

The JB bass guitars are built to be rock-solid, with quality hardware and pickups that ensure you stay locked-in the groove at all times.

The attention to detail used during the construction of these instruments means beginner players will find them infinitely enjoyable to play, with an ergonomic design that means you can play for longer and really perfect your technique.

Available in:

Antiquity PB Bass

If you want a little more thump and thunder from your bass, then the PB series from Antiquity is the one for you.

The split-coil pickup is expertly designed to give you all of the tones you could ever need from a beginner bass guitar, whilst the familiar design is inspiring to lovers of all genres.

It’s a truly beautiful take on one of the most famous bass designs in history, reimagined for modern players who are ready to make their own mark on the world.

Available in:

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