Explore how and why you should start a podcast in 2022 with our Focusrite Vocaster review - the easiest way to start a podcast from scratch and get pro results

Everyone has probably thought about starting a podcast at some point in time.

Each and every person has their own niche interests, and podcasts can be the perfect place to share those passions with the world.

For many people, a lack of experience with audio, recording, and production can halt any plans they might have had for creating their own content - in addition to a whole host of other questions, such as:

  • Where can you start a podcast?
  • How much does it cost to make a podcast?
  • How do I build an audience for my podcast?
  • Is it even worth starting a podcast?

In this blog we’ll be answering all of these questions and taking a closer look at the Vocaster Series from Focusrite. The Vocaster One Studio and Vocaster Two Studio come with everything you need to record, edit, and publish your podcast, making it easier than ever for complete beginners to enter the world of podcasting.

We’ll explore the awesome tools that make producing high-quality content with the Vocaster extra-simple, including Auto-Gain controls, Easy Start, and Enhance features.

Plus, we’ll dive into the included software that you can use to edit and publish your content without having to delve too far into the technical side of things.

Keep reading to find out why we think the Focusrite Vocaster is the ultimate solution for starting a podcast in 2022 - and watch this video for our top 5 reasons why every podcaster needs a Vocaster!

What's Needed to Start a Podcast?

In order to start a podcast, there are some things that you’ll definitely need to have access to so that you can create your content.

In short, you’ll need:

Fortunately, all of these things are included in the Vocaster One and Vocaster Two Studio Podcast Kits - in addition to the software needed to edit and publish your work!

All Vocaster Interfaces come with the following software:

  • Hindenburg LITE and 6-month Hindenburg PRO Trial
  • aCast – 6-month Influencer Plan
  • SquadCast – 3-month Pro + Video Trial
  • Ampify Studio – 6-month Premium Trial

Let’s take a look at how you can use these free pieces of software to easily work through each step of the podcasting process..

Hindenburg Lite

An easy-to-use single track recording package built specifically for beginner storytellers, Hindenburg Lite allows you to record your podcast with minimal fuss.

Acast Influencer

Acast is the perfect tool for growing your audience as a podcaster. Hosting, distribution, and promotion are all handled by Acast - and they can even help you to start monetising your content with ads and listener support.

SquadCast Pro

Simplify collaboration and bring in guests from all over the world without sacrificing on quality. A recording studio in the cloud, SquadCast’s in-browser software allows you to create high-quality audio and video content with extra-handy auto-save and cloud storage features.

Ampify Studio

Create intros and jingles with this exclusive library of royalty-free sounds. Ampify gives you new sounds from a range of different genres every week and allows you to combine loops to create a unique sound for your podcast.

Focusrite Vocaster

Despite how easy it is to start creating with Vocaster, you’re still treated to the same high-calibre gear that Focusrite is renowned for. With professional audio quality and industry-standard specifications across the range, you can concentrate on what matters most - your content!

How Long Does it Take to Start a Podcast?

Once you’ve got an idea for your podcast, it doesn’t take long to get going with Vocaster.

Focusrite have ensured that creatives of all levels will be able to get started, and have included a range of features so that even those with no experience will find it super simple.

The features include:

  • Auto-Gain - so you don’t need to set levels; just start talking!
  • Easy Start
  • Mute Button
  • Enhance Button - with 4 easy voice optimisation features; Clean, Warm, Bright, and Radio
  • Stereo Loopback - for intros, jingles, and other sounds you might need to use for your podcast

Can You Start a Podcast By Yourself?

You absolutely can start a podcast by yourself!

If you’ve got a great idea, or a passion that you want to tell the world about, then you shouldn’t be inhibited by a lack of people to work on the project with.

By creating high-quality content you’ll find more people who share your interests - and with Vocaster, you don’t need any specialist skills in order to get started, so going it alone is a problem of the past.

Is it Too Late to Start a Podcast?

Don’t be put off by the number of podcasts that already exist!

Instead, focus on making your content unique from the rest - that way, you’ll carve out your own audience.

Focusrite Vocaster

How to Start a Podcast - from the Beginning..

Now, let’s explore the step-by-step process that you’ll need to follow in order to create, edit, and publish your first podcast with Vocaster.

From the beginning - let’s get started..

Recording the Podcast

Once you’ve got all of the equipment you need - as included in the Vocaster Studio Packs - you’re able to plug-in and get going straight away.

With the included software trials you can use Hindenburg Lite or SquadCast Pro to take care of your recording needs - just decide if you want to record within your browser (SquadCast Pro) or on a dedicated program (Hindenburg Lite).

Take advantage of Easy Start, and then Vocaster will take care of your levels with the Auto-Gain feature - plus you can use the Enhance Button to find the mode that suits your voice best.

Use the Stereo Loopback for any intros or jingles, and with full Bluetooth connectivity and phone compatibility via a TRRS 3.5mm cable, you can dial-in a guest from your phone or add any other audio you need.

The Vocaster Hub allows you to monitor everything in the same place and keep your eyes on the things that matter most, whilst the Mute Button ensures any unexpected noises (like coughs or sneezes) can be avoided!

If you’re filming your podcast, simply connect a single TRS cable to send Vocaster’s crystal-clear audio straight to your camera and supercharge your broadcast.

Editing the Podcast

Depending on the format of your podcast, you can edit heavily or opt for a more laid-back approach. You can also chop up the finished product so that you have snippets for sharing on social media.

Once again, you won’t need anything other than what you get with Vocaster - use the included software to edit transitions smoothly or introduce new topics.

The Stereo Loopback feature means that any audio can be added as you record, but if you’d rather add introductions/outros in the edit then now is the time to add them.

Once you’re happy with the edit and flow of your podcast, it’s time to think about publishing it..

Publishing the Podcast

As we mentioned earlier, the included software bundle with Vocaster includes a trial of Acast Influencer.

Acast hosts your podcast completely free of charge, distributes it to every platform, and offers you all of the tools needed to start growing your audience.

Once you’ve built up an audience for your podcast, Acast means you’re prepared to start monetising it too, with ads and listener support.

Don’t forget to share your podcast with everyone you know, including on social media - you never know who your content might find, and you can start to attract regular listeners who share your passions and interests.

..and that’s it! You just created and published your first podcast.

What to Do Next..?

Focusrite Vocaster

With Vocaster and all of the tools that come with it, creating your own content is easier than ever.

In the past, podcasting would require a team who shared a knowledge of audio production, web hosting, and promotion - but with this package from Focusrite, even those with no experience at all can start their own podcast.

Furthermore, you won’t end up spending on other aspects after you’ve created your content. With Vocaster, absolutely everything is taken care of, so you don’t need to worry about anything besides the content.

Vocaster makes the entire process accessible to all, and if more and more people are able to share what they love with the world then we think that can only be a good thing!

Check out our full range of Podcasting Equipment at PMT below, including mics, interfaces, mixers, cables, accessories, and more..

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