Focusrite Vocaster Series

Designed exclusively with podcasters, live-streamers and presenters in mind, The Focusrite Vocaster Interfaces take care of the techincal side of things so you can focus on what matters the most - your content. Housed in a sleek, portable desktop format, these interfaces are great for mobile music creation, podcasting and broadcast recording.

With a vast range of enhancements and features from Auto-Gain controls, to Easy Start tools, to seamless phone and Bluetooth connectivity - the Vocaster range is perfect for audio creatives of all abilities.

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  • What is the difference between the Focusrite Vocaster One and Two?

    The Vocaster One is great for solo content creators, featuring 1 x Mic Input and 1 x Headphone Output. The Vocaster two features 2 x Mic Inputs, and 2 x Headphone Outputs.
  • How do I connect the Vocaster to my PC or Mac?

    The Vocaster features a simple USB-C Connection to connect to a Windows or Mac PC or Laptop. The cable is included.
  • How do I sync the Vocaster to my Camera's Video recording?

    The Focusrite Vocasters feature a Camera audio output, so you can connect your podcast's audio to the audio input of your DSLR camera. That way, it becomes easier to sync your audio and video together before publishing it.
  • How do I patch in a caller to my Podcast using Vocaster?

    Vocaster interfaces feature a 'Phone Input' - a 3.5mm 'aux' style mini jack audio input, so you can connect your smartphone or play background music from an external device.