Ferndale Guitars is teaming up with Just One Tree and pledging to plant at least one tree for every guitar sold - saving the planet, one guitar at a time

Ferndale Guitars have partnered with Just One Tree and have pledged to plant at least one tree for every guitar sold.

Ferndale takes its name and inspiration from the north California town of Ferndale. A place full of music, surrounded by the lost forests where the ‘tonewoods’ grow - Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir and the legendary Giant Redwood.

That means they know all about the importance of trees, and how important they are to our planet and our continued existence.

We have just one planet - and Just One Tree can make a difference.

How Does it Work?

Just One Tree funds reforestation organisations around the globe, focusing on areas severely affected by mass deforestation.

Through training, education and employment they support communities that are committed to restoring their forests, lifting them out of poverty whilst simultaneously improving the environment.

Why Trees?

Trees are the primary method we have for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Without planting more, we'll not survive as a species.

And if cleaning the air we breathe wasn't impressive enough, trees also filter our water, stabilise the soil, form complex ecosystems, supply us with medicine, and ​create sustainable incomes.

Ferndale Guitars x Just One Tree

Ferndale Guitars

Ferndale make some of our favourite instruments - with an impressive range of acoustic guitars across the 2 Series and 3 Series, alongside an array of awesome ukulele options.

The 2 Series acoustic guitars are constructed with a priority on the things that really matter, so you’re guaranteed a great sound even on a budget.

Complete beginners will appreciate the superior tonewoods and craftsmanship that offer an easy-playing experience. Professional musicians will love the back-to-basics approach and full-bodied sounds available across the selection.

The 3 Series of acoustic guitars take this same design philosophy and add some extra features for guitarists who want a little more from their instrument - check out this gorgeous GA-3 CE in Spruce Bocote as an example!

Ferndale GA3 CE

The ukuleles on offer from Ferndale guarantee a classic sound, and they’re one of the best ways to get started with learning an instrument.

With these ukuleles you don’t have to worry about tuning stability or poor materials - and you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be supporting the environment with Ferndale, too!

You can find out more about becoming a greener guitarist and an eco-friendly musician with our blog here:

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