Snare Drums (or simply Snares) are an important part of any acoustic drum kit. At the PMT Online Drum Shop we stock a wide range of models to suit all players: From beginner to professional, wood or metal snares, custom-built and artist series, there's a snare drum to suit each and every drummer. We sell all the best snare brands such as Mapex, Ludwig, Yamaha, Drum Workshop.

How To Choose New Snare Drums?

A typical snare drum is 14" wide and 5.5" deep, and this size will suit most rock and popular music styles. But there are models as small as 12" wide, and some with different depths such as 4.5", 6.5" or even 8", each giving the drummer a different sound. Drummers often opt for a Piccolo Snare. Known for a sharp snappy attack and taut sound the Piccolo is often used as a secondary snare drum.

Snare Drums are made from a variety of materials including, Brass, Steel, and maple, each offering its own tone, pitch and character, and for this reason choosing the right snare is essential.

Buy Snare Drums In-Store!

If you're unsure as to which snare to choose, why don't you pay a visit to one of our PMT House of Drums drum shops? Spread accross the UK, our shops have drum experts who will be at hand to help, and you can check in person a wide variety of different snares, before buying!


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