Tama Starphonic Stainless Steel 14" x 6" Snare Drum
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Tama Starphonic Stainless Steel 14" x 6" Snare Drum

by Tama
 The Tama Starphonic Stainless Steel 14x6" Snare Drum features a 1mm thick steel shell that offers a top end sound at an affordable pri..

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 The Tama Starphonic Stainless Steel 14x6" Snare Drum features a 1mm thick steel shell that offers a top end sound at an affordable price. This snare provides a bright, warm, solid sound with great sensitivity. Featuring Tama's Starphonic hardware this snare looks like a pro end snare but with an accessible price.

Affordable Steel Snare with Pro Features

The popular mid-range of Tama Starphonic drums is a great way to gain pro-level features at an affordable price. Steel shell drums are typically characterised by their very bold sound with the ability to easily cut through the sound of other instruments. They offer great top end and mid-range frequencies with bright aggressive attack.

The Stainless Steel 14 x 6" snare features Tama's Starphonic chrome finish Freedom lugs, "Linear-Drive" Strainer and detachable butt plate and Grooved 10-hole hoops.

Grooved Hoops

Tama's specially designed Grooved Hoops blend vintage design with modern techniques to provide hoops that accentuate the natural tone of the drum. The die-cast style hoops featured on this snare are often a feature found on much more expensive kits, with other snares in this range opting for the more standard triple flanged hoops.

Freedom Lugs

The innovative design of Tama's lugs means that by loosening the tension rods, you can tilt the claw hooks backwards and away from the hoops for quick head changes. This quick release system offers simple, speedy replacement of drum heads without having to take all the tension rods out of the lugs. Anyone who's changed a drum head will tell you that unscrewing the tension rods and removing them entirely is the most time-consuming part of changing heads. Tama have developed this clever style of lug to avoid that situation.

Linear Drive Strainer and Detachable Butt Plate

Tama specifically developed their Linear Drive strainer system to provide greater control of the lever adjustment. This means more precise control over the strainer. The strainer movement is designed to work in a smoother, linear motion to avoid the typical slap you hear when you move the snare wires to the head.

The detachable butt plate further adds to Tama's speedy head changing techniques. The removable butt plate allows you to change your snare resonant head without having to remove the snare wires, which would affect their tension. Simply loosen two screws and detach the butt plate with the snare wires still attached. When you return it to its position after the head has been changed it will have maintained its original position and tension setting. This allows for a consistent snare sound.

Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare Wire

The Tama steel snare also utilises their redesigned snappy snare wires to offer a more crisp and sensitive sound. Using new materials, a customised plate shape and a new wire coil winding pattern, Tama are able to offer a snare wire that fits ore closely to the snare side head for greater sensitivity and brightness.


If you want a steel snare with well thought out professional features from a well-respected quality brand, look no further than the Tama Starphonic Steel 14x6" Snare.

Tama Starphonic Stainless Steel 14x6" Snare Drum Key Features:

  • Material: Stainless Steel Shell
  • Dimensions: 6" x 14"
  • Lug: Freedom Lug
  • Hoop: Grooved Hoop
  • Strainer: "Linear-Drive" Strainer
  • Butt: Detachable Butt
  • Snappy: MS20RL14C Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare


Weight (kg)10.0000
Warranty2 years
Shell Materialsteel
Snare Size14" x 6"

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