Yamaha Electronic Drums

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Yamaha DTX - Electronic Drums Perfected

The Yamaha DTX electronic drum series represents some of Yamaha’s most forward-thinking musical ideas. Created to capture an expressive playing feel, realistic sounds and a compact easy to use design, Yamaha DTX electronic drum kits are the ideal options for the drummer on the go, quiet practise or easy drum recording.

DTX402K - Entry Level Electronic Drums

Perfect for the beginner drummer, the Yamaha DTX402K offers a compact rack design for easy storage and space-saving set up. Packed with over 200 drum sounds and realistic, naturally responding drum pads this is a superb option for the new drummer. Forget about the noise complaints, simply throw on your headphones and delve into your own world of drumming expression.

DTX562K - Mid Range Electronic Drums

Part of the DTX502 series, the Yamaha DTX562K drum kit, offers a set up from the entry-level kit. Featuring choke function cymbals, brilliantly responsive, natural feeling pads and a wide range of expressive sounds, this is an awesome electronic kit at a great price.

DTX700 Series - Pro Electronic Drums

Next up the ladder is the DTX700 series, featuring the Yamaha DTX720K and the DTX760K electronic drum kits. Both feature acoustic kit style features including a real hi-hat stand for a realistic, responsive playing feeling, an intuitive sound module with a user-friendly interface and 3 zone snare pads. However, the DTX760 features a bigger 10 piece set up with slightly larger toms for improved playing feel.

DTX900 Series - Pro Flagship Electronic Drum Kits

The flagship of the Yamaha DTX series is the Yamaha DTX920K Electronic Drum Kit. This top of the range model delivers a truly professional set up. Packed with 50 preset kits, the number of kits can easily be expanded using the external USB storage device up to over 1500 kits! Featuring training functions to improve your playing, superb connectivity, a brilliantly realistic playing feel and natural expressive setup, this drum kit was made for the serious drummer.

Modules and Triggers

Yamaha also offers a variety of products that allow you to incorporate electronic drum elements into your acoustic kit playing. For example, the Yamaha EAD10 is an innovative device that allows you to quickly and easily transform your acoustic kit into a powerful electronic hybrid. Or, why not add the Yamaha DTX M12 Multipad to your acoustic kit for instant access to thousands of sounds via the 12 trigger pad?

Why buy Yamaha Electronic Drum Kits with PMT?

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