Ibanez, a legendary guitar company renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovation. With a wide range of models catering to all playing styles, Ibanez guitars deliver outstanding tone, playability, and reliability. From their iconic RG and S series to signature models of renowned artists, Ibanez offers a diverse selection to suit every guitarist's needs.

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  • How good are Ibanez guitars?

    Ibanez guitars are consistently high-performing instruments that are made with quality parts. They're one of the most popular guitar manufacturers in the world and are used by professional musicians around the world.
  • What is the best Ibanez guitar?

    Some of the most popular Ibanez guitars include the RG Series, the S Series, and the AR Series - which one is best is something that only you can decide on. Try out some different ones at your local PMT store and see which one feels best to you!
  • Why are Ibanez guitars so inexpensive?

    Ibanez has a range of guitar models for both experienced shredders and beginners. They offer guitars that are inexpensive yet still play brilliantly, allowing you to find the perfect guitar for you without making compromises on quality.
  • Which Ibanez guitar has the thinnest neck?

    Ibanez are renowned for their thin guitar necks, and most would point to the 'Wizard' necks as the thinnest available. These necks come on a range of different Ibanez guitars, each of which will play slightly differently.
  • What pickups do Ibanez guitars use?

    The pickups used in Ibanez guitars will vary between models - you can be assured thought that they're of great quality and can provide anything from lush cleans to growling distorted tones!